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fuil1, f. (gs. & pl. fola). Blood. 1. ~ a chur, to bleed. Cur fola, bleeding. ~ a dhoirteadh, a tharraingt, to shed, draw, blood. Doirteadh fola, bloodshed. ~ a bheith leat, to be bleeding. Bhí sé dearg ina chuid fola, he was covered with blood. Surg: ~ a ligean, ~ a bhaint as duine, to let blood, to bleed s.o. Lig sé a chuid fola leis, he drew blood from him. Bhain sé ~ mhairt as, he made him bleed profusely, like a slaughtered ox. ~ shróine, nose-bleeding. ~ shróine a chur le, a bhaint as, duine, to make s.o.’s nose bleed. Shéidfeadh sé ~ shróine, he would fly into a violent rage. ~ ~, a choiligh! (Exhortation in cock-fighting) Draw blood, cock; (to person) go at him if you are game! S.a. allas1, brú3 3, crithir1 3, míosta. 2. (Of bloodshed) Beidh ~ ann, blood will be spilt. Beidh a chuid fola acu, they are out for his blood. Lucht fola, bloodthirsty persons. An feallaire fola, the bloody traitor. 3. (Of temperament, passion) ~ do chroí a thabhairt ar son duine, to give one’s heart’s blood for s.o. Bheith tógtha san fhuil, to have one’s blood up. Rud a dhéanamh as ~ fhuar, to do sth. in cold blood. Chuir sé mo chuid fola agus feola trína chéile, it made my blood boil; it horrified me. 4. (Of mettle) Fear a bhfuil ~ ann, a man of mettle. Má tá aon deoir fola ionat, if there is a drop of (manly) blood in you. Má tá ~ ina mhuineál, (of fighting-cock, person) if he is game. Cluiche na fola, battle, final test of strength. 5. (Of descent, relationship) ~ uasal, anuasal, noble, ignoble, blood. ~ na nGearaltach, (person of) Geraldine blood. Tá braon den fhuil mhór ann, he has blue blood in his veins. Aithníonn an fhuil a chéile, blood is thicker than water. Do chuid fola agus feola féin, one’s own flesh and blood. Do chuid fola a shéanadh, to deny one’s breeding. Níl aon deoir dá gcuid fola ionam, I am in no way related to them (by blood). 6. Bot: ~ talún, blood-wort. S.a. lus, crobh 2.
fuil2 = fail2.
fuil3 : 3.
An fear a bhfuil a mhac ag imeacht, the man whose son is going away.
Sin a bhfuil ann, that is all that is there.
Deir sé go bhfuil ocras air, he says he is hungry.
~ nach bhfuil baint agat leis, say you have nothing to do with it.
Níl ach a rá go bhfuil ciall aige! It can hardly be said that he has any sense.
~, abraimis, go bhfuil an ceart agat, assuming that you are right.
An bhfuil aon fhocal agat le rá liom? (i) Have you anything to say to me? (ii) Have you anything to say against me?
Nach bhfuil leat ~ an leabhar seo? Have you brought nothing but this book?
Mura bhfuil ort ~ gur scríobadh thú, if there is nothing the matter with you but that you were scratched.
~ ab é go bhfuil deifir orm, if I weren’t in a hurry.
Níl a fhios ~ a bhfuil de shaibhreas acu, they are incalculably rich.
Abair ~ go bhfuil sé fíor, suppose it is true.
An bhfuil scian agat? Tá an t-~ agam. Have you a knife? I have a sort of knife.
~ na huibhe circe, an éin ghé, na gloine, na fola, gentle treatment; coddling.
~ fola, blood-money.
An bhfuil aon phingin airgid agat? Have you any money?
Bean a bhfuil ~ aici, a woman who has a dowry.
~ a bhfuil, a place where there is.
An ~ a bhfuil mé i mo sheasamh, the place, the spot, on which I stand.
Is maith an áit a bhfuil tú! Mind where you speak!
An áit a bhfuil m’~, where I am known, have friends.
An bhfuil ~ ort as do pheacaí? Are you sorry for your sins?
Cá bhfuil ~ ort? Where do you reside?
~ fola, bloody sweat.
Má théann sé ~ ort go bhfuil airgead agat, if it gets abroad that you have money.
Más ~ go bhfuil tú ag imeacht, if in fact you are going away.
Ní h~ go bhfuil eagla orm, it is not that I am afraid.
Tá mé in ~, san ~, an bhfuil an ceart agat, I am doubtful whether you are right.
Mura bhfuil dul ~ orm, unless I am mistaken.
Cá bhfuil an deireadh aige? Where does it end?
Ní mó ná go bhfuil an ~ inti, she is at her last gasp.
Tá a chuid fola ~ leis, he is dripping blood.
San ~ a bhfuil sé ann, ina bhfuil sé, at his age, time of life.
An bhfuil ~ ghreim aráin agat? Have you a bite of, any, bread?
Mar nach bhfuil ~ bháid againn, because we have no boats, are without boats.
~ fola, high blood-pressure.
Is léir as sin go bhfuil fearg air, it is clear from that that he is angry.
Tá ~ orm go bhfuil tú go maith, I am glad you are well.
Fuil a bhaint, to let blood.
Cá bhfuil tú ag ~t fút? Where are you staying?
~ na fola, battle.
Is é ~ na fola é, it is the supreme crisis, test.
~ dúile, fola, baptism by desire, by blood.
Sin an áit a bhfuil an ~, that is where the danger lies.
Is ~ nach bhfuil sé ag teacht, I’m afraid he’s not coming.
An bhfuil aon bharr nuachta agat? Have you any special news?
An bhfuil ~ ar bith agat den aimsir? Have you any idea of what the weather will be like?
Níl sé ~tha ar chor ar bith; dheamhan a bhfuil ~tha de, it is not too bad.
Ní ~ a bhfuil ráite, there is enough said.
Ní ~ duit a bhfuil déanta agat, you have done quite enough.
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