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ascaill, f. (gs. ~e, pl. ). 1. Armpit. Poll na hascaille, axillary cavity. Bhí beart faoi m’~ liom, I had a bundle under my arm. Cuir do lámh i m’~, faoi m’~, take my arm (for support). Póca ~e, inner coat-pocket. S.a. cearc 5, glas1 3, loch 3, ucht 1. 2. Recess. In ~ an ghleanna, in a corner of the valley. ~ mhara, an arm of the sea. 3. (In street names) Avenue. 4. Bot: Axil. 5. (In phrase) Fear ~e; ~ rámha, second oarsman (on two-man oar).
Bain an ~ ó d’ascaill, smarten yourself, get on with your work.
~ ascaille, glandular swelling in armpit, bubo.
Chuach sé faoina ascaill é, he bundled it under his arm.
3. ~ ascaille, cinn, coime, arm-, head-, waist-, lock.
~ ascaille, bhléine, glandular swelling in armpit, in groin.
~ ascaille, inside breast-pocket.
~ ascaille, axillary cavity.
~ ascaille, glandular swelling in armpit.
Tá an t-uisce ~ go hascaillí orthu anois, the water is now up to their armpits.
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