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cruach1, f. (gs. -aiche, npl. ~a, gpl. ~). 1. Stack, rick. ~ arbhair, fhéir, stack of corn, of hay. ~ mhóna, stack, clamp, of turf. ~ adhmaid, stack of timber. ~ a dhéanamh, to build a stack. An coirce a chur i g~, to gather in, stack, the oats. 2. Pile. ~ airm, stack of arms. ~ airgid, pile of money. ~ aoiligh, heap of manure. ~ farraige, mountainous sea. Tá ~ os cionn boird uirthi, (of boat) it is overladen. S.a. maoil1 3. 3. Top: (Mountain) stack.
cruach2, f. (gs. ~). Steel. Lann, léine, slat, chruach, steel blade, vest, rod. Béal ~, steel edge (of tool). ~ faghartha, faobhair, hardening, sharpening, steel. ~ dhamascach, mhangainéise, mhúnla, rollta, thungstain, damask, manganese, cast, rolled, tungsten, steel. ~ shuaite, puddle-steel. ~ theallachoscailte, open-hearth steel.
cruach3, v.t. (vn. ~adh m, gs. ~ta). Stack; pile.
cruach4, m. 1 = cuach2 4. 2 = crobh 2.
~ tí, cruaiche, site for a house, for a stack.
~ óir, airgid, cruach, gold, silver, steel, ingot.
~ cruaiche, iomaire, open end of stack, of ridge.
Cruach a bhearnú, to open, take material from, a stack.
Cruach bhreá choirce, fine stack of oats.
Nuair a bhristear ar chruach, when a stack is opened.
~ cruaiche, bottom, lower part, of stack.
~ cruaiche, bottom, lower part, of stack.
Cruach a bhunú, to lay the foundation of a stack.
~ cruach, cosanta, deataigh, gréine, steel, crash-, smoke-, sun-, helmet.
As ~ na cruaiche, from the centre of the stack.
~ a chur i gcruach, to build the core of a stack.
~ chruach, suit of steel armour.
Tá an chruach ~, steel is true.
Is maith ~ an chruach í, it is a good solidly-built stack.
Chuaigh siad in ~ na cruaiche, they set to work on the stack.
~ de phunann, de chruach, huge sheaf, stack.
Cruach a fheistiú, to cover, secure, a stack.
~ cruaiche, [’clamp’, built-up face, of stack.
~ cruach, ~ bíog, a dhéanamh, to play hide-and-seek.
~ na cré, an tseaca, na cruach, the coldness of clay, of ice, of steel.
I mbun na cruaiche, at the foot of the rick.
~ balla, cruaiche, cnoic, bottom of wall, of stack, of hill.
~ chruach, steel blade.
~ tí, cruaiche, site of house, of stack.
~ chruach, ~ mháilleach, shirt of mail.
Tá an chruach ag luí amach ar an taobh seo, the stack is leaning over on this side.
~ cruaiche, foundation of stack.
Chuir sé ~ is cruach air, he piled it up high.
~ crainn, cruaiche, top of tree, of stack.
3. ~ chruach, steel wool.
~ ar chruach, bulge in stack.
~ (phráis, chruach), (brass, steel) rule.
~ tí, cruaiche, eaves of house, of stack.
~ a chur ar chruach, to build eaves on a stack.
Tá bun na cruaiche ~the ag na francaigh, the rats have gnawed the bottom of the stack to shreds.
Cuir ~ ar an gcruach, tidy the stack.
~ cruaiche, stack-prop.
Cruach a theanntú, to prop up a stack.
~ na Cruaiche, Loch Dearg, a dhéanamh, to go on a pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick, to Lough Derg.
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