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Similar words: dúradh · múnadh · bunadh · deonadh · diadh
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dúnadh could be a grammatical form of: dún »
dúnadh1, m. (gs. -nta). 1. vn. of dún2. 2. Closing, securing, fastening. ~ fuinneoige, the closing, the walling up, of a window. ~ tí, the closing (up) of a house. ~ monarchan, the closing (down) of a factory. ~ cuirtíní, the drawing of curtains. ~ an dorais i ndiaidh na foghla, locking the stable door after the horse has been stolen. Ní théann ~ ar a bhéal, he never closes his mouth, never stops talking. ~ bearna, the filling of a gap. ~ dáin, the close of a poem. 3. Med: Closure, stoppage. 4. Mus: Cadence. ~ briste, interrupted cadence.
dúnadh2, m. (gs. -aidh). Lit: 1. Encampment. 2. Fort. 3. Residence.
~adh ar áit, ar dhuine, to close in on a place, on s.o.
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