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faoi1, prep. (Pron. forms:fúm, fút, faoi m, fúithi f, fúinn, fúibh, fúthu) (Lenites; combines (i) with article an to form faoin, (ii) with possessive adjectives a, ár, to form faoina, faoinár, (iii) with relative particles a, ar, to form faoina, faoinar) I. Under. 1. (a) Beneath, below. Rud a chur fút, ~ do chosa, to put sth. under you, under your feet. Istigh ~n mbord, underneath the table. Thiar ~n leaba, back under the bed. Thíos ~n urlár, down under the floor. Amuigh ~n spéir, out in the open. ~ scáth crainn, under the shade of a tree. Cuir líne ~, underline it. S.a. anáil 1, 3, súil 2(a).(b) Under the surface of, within. ~na chraiceann, under his skin. Cuir ~ do chrios é, put it under your belt. ~ uisce, under water, submerged. ~ chré, beneath the clay, buried. Ag obair ~ thalamh, working underground. Tá dúradán ~ mo shúil, there is a mote in my eye. (c) At the foot of. Suí ~ charraig, to sit under a rock. ~bhun an bhalla, underneath the wall. S.a. bun112. (d) In the lee of. Ar ancaire ~n oileán, anchored on the lee side of the island. S.a. bord 4(a), seol11, 3(a).(e)(Of sinking, setting)Chuaigh an long ~ loch, the ship went down. Tá a tosach fúithi, she is down by the head. (f)(As adv.)Tá an charraig ~, the rock is submerged. Tá an ghrian ag dul ~, the sun is setting. 2. (a) Bearing, supporting. Tá rothaí ~, it runs on wheels. Na colúin atá ~, the columns that support it. Bhí capall maith ~, he was mounted on a good horse. Bheith ~ ualach, to be carrying a burden. Mé féin atá ~, I’m the one who has to bear it. S.a. béal 2, ceann11 (a).(b) Covered by, enveloped in. ~ fhallaing, wrapped in a cloak. ~na chulaith Dhomhnaigh, wearing his Sunday suit. ~ bhrat sneachta, mantled in snow. ~ néal, under a cloud; enveloped in gloom. ~ sholas an lae, in the light of day. ~ rún, in secret. (c) Producing. ~ bhláth, dhuilliúr, in flower, in leaf. ~ bharra, arbhar, under crops, corn. Tá an áit ~ fhéar aige, he has the place let out in grass. (d) Having, possessing, characterized by. ~ chiumhais, ornáidí, bordered, ornamented. ~na sheomraí breátha, with its fine rooms. ~ ainm bréige, under an assumed name. ~ ghné aráin, under the appearance of bread. (e) Undergoing, subjected to. ~ scrúdú, obráid, undergoing an examination, an operation. ~ mhóid dílseachta, under a vow of fidelity. ~ chomaoin ag duine, under an obligation to s.o. (f) (With abstract noun denoting state) ~ mheas, onóir, held in esteem, in honour. ~ smacht, under control, subjugated. ~ bhrón, áthas, sorrowful, joyful. ~ phian, ocras, enduring pain, hunger. ~ shíocháin, in peace. ~ shásamh, in a satisfied manner. ~ shuan, asleep. ~ shiúl, in motion. ~ chroí mór maith, with great goodwill. (Of animals in season) ~ adhall, in heat. 3. (a) (Of settlement, concealment, suppression) Baint, cur, fút in áit, to settle down, stay, in a place. Bualadh fút ar rud, to set oneself down on sth. Luí fút, to lie low. Rud a bhrú fút, to suppress sth. S.a. bain ~, cuir ~, lig ~. (b) (Of movement, growth) Siúl a chur ~ rud, to set sth. in motion. Leis an luas a bhí ~, he was going at such speed. Tá fás, borradh, fúthu, they are growing, developing. Nach mór an fuadar atá fút? What a hurry you are in! (c) (Of assignment) Rud a fhágáil ~ dhuine (le déanamh), to leave sth. to s.o. (to do). Tá an teach fúinn féin, we have the house to ourselves. Fút féin atá sé, it is up to yourself. S.a. fág ~. (d) (Of intention, purpose) É a bheith fút rud a dhéanamh, to intend to do sth. Cad é atá fút anois? What are you up to now? Ní raibh fúm ná tharam ach é a dhéanamh, it was the one thing I intended to do. Cibé atá ~ sin aige, whatever he means by that. (e) (Of provision, undertaking) Dul ~ rud do dhuine, to vouch for sth. to s.o. Ach an lá a bheith ~ dúinn, if there is promise of a good day for us. Ní raibh mo phóca ~ dom, my pocket could not bear the expense of it. ~na bheith beo slán dom, if I am alive and well. Mise ~ duit! I’ll warrant you! (f) In accordance with, in regard to, on account of. Duine a mholadh ~ rud, to praise s.o. for sth. Dhiúltaigh sé mé ~n iasacht, he refused me in the matter of the loan. (g)~ mar, as if, as. ~ mar a bheadh fearg air, as if he were angry. ~ mar ba ghnáth leis, as was usual for him. (h)~ (is) go, because. ~ (is) go raibh siad ag troid, because they were fighting. 4. Less than. (a)~ scór, less than a score. ~na luach, at less than its value. Tá sé ~ bhun a mhéide, he is not fully grown. Tonna, ~ nó thairis, a ton, more or less. Gan scilling ~ nó thairis, to the exact shilling. (b) (Of lesser rank) Aon duine ~ easpag, any person lower than a bishop. 5. (a) (As multiplication term) ~ dhó, ~ chéad, twice, a hundred times. A sé ~ a seacht, six by seven. (b) (As percentage term) Fiche ~n gcéad, twenty per cent. Deich bpingine ~n bpunt, tenpence in the pound.
II. 1. About. (a) Round. Rud a chur ~ do mhuineál, to put sth. round your neck. Bhí crios ~na choim, there was a belt round his waist. (b) Within compass of. Thart ~ seo, round about here. Amuigh ~n tuath, out in the country. Teacht ~ thír, to come ashore. Má tá siad ~ bhaile, if they are at home. Níl sé ~ bhallaí an tí, it is not within the walls of the house, it is nowhere in the house. Cailleadh ~ shlí iad, they were lost somewhere along the way. (c) By, at, within. ~n am seo, by this time. ~ mhaidin, by morning. ~ láthair, at present. ~ dheireadh, at last. ~ Nollaig, at Christmas. ~ cheann bliana, in a year’s time. ~ aon de, within an ace of. ~ orlach de, within an inch of. ~ bheagán, by a little. ~ ar imigh siad, by the time they left. (d) Concerning. Bheith maith, olc, áthasach, imníoch, ~ rud, to be good, bad, glad, anxious, about sth. Aontú, troid, ~ rud, to agree, fight, about sth. Ceist, tuairisc, a chur ~ dhuine, to ask, inquire, about s.o. Tá scéal agam ~, I have a story to tell about it. Chuala mé ~, I heard about it. Dhéanfá gáire ~, you would laugh at it. 2. (a) Against. Bualadh ~ dhuine, to knock against s.o. Bhuail sé a chos ~ chloch, he struck his foot against a stone. Greadadh ~ lár é, he was dashed to the ground. Thug sé fogha fúm, he made a lunge at me. (b) On. Ola a chur ~ rud, to oil sth. D’iompair sé ~na dhroim é, he carried it on his back. (c) Towards, to seek. Tháinig siad ~ mo thuairisc, they came to inquire about me. S.a. coinne 2 (a), déin2.
faoi2 = faí.
Ní raibh sé sásta faoi rá gur inis mé di é, he was not pleased that I told her.
Faoi ~, in heat.
Faoi bhéal an aeir, under the open sky.
Tá ~ orm, tá mé in ~, faoi sin, I am sorry about that.
Faoi ~, lively, cheerful.
~ a bheith ort faoi rud, to be in doubt about sth.
Ná bíodh lá amhrais ort faoi sin, you may rest assured about that.
~ ar, faoi, dhuine, rud, doubtful, suspicious, of s.o., sth.
ag, ar, faoi, le, ó, roimh, thar, trí, um eclipses
Labhair faoi d’~, speak low, in a whisper.
D’~ a chur faoi dhuine, to influence s.o.
Faoi ~ an Bhéarla, under the influence of English.
~ faoi Shamhain, on in November.
Bhí an sagart ~ orainn faoi na damhsaí, the priest was giving out to us about the dances.
Faoi ~ de, within an ace of.
Aontú le duine faoi rud, to agree with s.o. about sth.
Faoi ~, insured.
Tá ~ mhaith faoi na barra, the crops look promising.
Faoi ~, under arms.
Faoi iomlán airm, fully armed.
Faoi ~ agus éide, in ~ is in éide, armed and equipped.
Bhí beart faoi m’~ liom, I had a bundle under my arm.
Cuir do lámh i m’~, faoi m’~, take my arm (for support).
~ a chur ar, faoi, bhróg, to resole a shoe.
~ a dhéanamh; teacht ar ~ (faoi rud), to change one’s mind, have second thoughts (about sth.).
Buaileadh síos faoi ~ é, he got a relapse.
Bheith, teacht, ar ~ faoi rud, to change one’s mind about sth.
Faoi bhaile, at home, around.
Cá bhfuil tú ag ~t fút? Where are you staying?
~ fút ar an stól ansin, settle, seat, yourself on the stool there.
Bhain sé faoi san áit seo nuair a bhí sé tuirseach den siúl, he settled down in this place when he was tired of travelling.
Thug mé iarraidh ~t faoi, I tried to calm, pacify, him.
Níor ~eadh fúithi ach ag gol, she could not be stopped from crying.
~í (síochána), a chur ar dhuine; duine a chur faoi bhannaí, to bind s.o. over (to the peace).
Tá iompar ~a fúithi, she walks like a queen.
Má tá an bhara sin fút, if you are so inclined.
Dá mbeadh ~ do leasa fút, if you wished to do what was good for you.
Tá ~ na himirce faoi, he is thinking of emigrating.
Bhí a bhara faoi Mhac Dé teacht, the Son of God intended to come.
Ní bheidh mé faoi bhur m~ feasta, I will not be under the lash of your tongues any longer.
Cuir ~ faoi, ar a bhéal faoi, é, place it upside down.
Cuir faoi bhéal cléibh é, put it under an upturned creel.
~ a chur ar, faoi, rud, to grease sth.
Cuir ~ faoi d’ioscaidí, [’grease your hams’, quicken your pace, hurry up.
~ a chur ar, faoi, dhuine, to shut s.o. up.
Faoi na beannaid seo, in these quarters.
Faoi bhéillic, in a rock cavern.
Imeacht faoi bheiriú, to over-boil; to evaporate.
~ a dhéanamh faoi dhuine, to laugh at, ridicule, s.o.
Ag ~ fúinn, jeering at us.
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