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te, a. (gs. ~, npl. & comp. teo). Hot, warm. 1. Tine the, hot fire. Iarann ~, hot iron. Uisce ~, hot water. Aimsir the, warm weather. Na tíortha teo, the warm countries. Deoch the, warm drink. Buidéal ~, hot-water bottle. Ba cheart go mbeadh cluasa teo aige, (of person being discussed) his ears should be tingling. S.a. bog2 3, dearg2 2, trom3 8. 2. Serving to keep warm. Éadach ~, warm clothing. Tá an leaba ~ teolaí, the bed is warm and comfortable. 3. Pungent. Piobar ~, hot pepper. 4. (a) Ardent, hot-tempered. Tá sé ~ tintrí, he has a fiery temperament. Thug siad go ~ dá chéile é, they went at it hot and heavy. Lit: Tachar ~, hot encounter. Ag troid le doirne teo, fighting with naked fists. (b) Vehement, hotfoot. Go ~ sa tóir orainn, in hot pursuit of us. 5. Affectionate. Tá croí ~ aici, she has a warm heart. An bhean is teo le mo chroí, the woman dearest to my heart. 6. (Of circumstances) Comfortable. S.a. suí 5(b). 7. Iron: Cara ~! Warm friend! Cuidiú ~, useless help. Fuair sí fear ~, she got a laggard of a husband.
Rud a ithe, a ól, ~ te, to eat, drink, sth. while it is warm.
Imeacht ~ te, to go off hotfoot.
~ le huisce te é, soften it with warm water.
~a teo, [’hot hands’ (children’s game).
Ar bhranraí teo, on a hot griddle.
~í teo, fomentation.
Rud a choinneáil te, i gcóir, ar snámh, to keep sth. warm, in order, afloat.
~ te, red-hot.
(Go) ~ te, nice and warm.
~ láidir, te, greannmhar, devilish, extremely, strong, hot, funny.
D’éis ár ndíbheirge is teo ár dtoil, friendships are cemented in quarrels.
~ uisce the, mianraí, hot, mineral, spring.
5. ~ te, flax fibre boiled after steeping.
D’íosfadh sé, ghoidfeadh sé, an ~ te, he would eat, steal, anything.
~ fuar, te, cold, warm, front.
Tá sé ~ te, it is extremely hot.
~ the, hot-bed.
Más te más fuar an lá, let the day be hot or cold.
Te as an ~, fresh from the oven.
~ te, hot-plate.
Duine a ~adh le huisce te, le gal, to scald s.o. with hot water, with steam.
Tá siad ina ~ go te, they are comfortably placed, well off.
Tá siad ina suí go te ~, they are warmly and comfortably seated; they are in very comfortable circumstances.
Teach te ~, warm and comfortable house.
Chomh ~ (géar, te) is a thig leat, as fast as ever you can.
Níl rud ar bith ~ (ná te) aige, he will stop at nothing.
3. ~ te, at once, immediately.
Déan é ~ te, do it at once.
~ fuar, te, cold, hot, water.
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