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Website App

The Teanglann app is now available, and is free of charge – you can get the version for Apple devices here and the Android version here.

You can download up to 3 Irish language dictionaries plus grammar and sound files. You can customise usage of these datasets according to your needs – if you need to free up space on your device you can remove datasets, and then re-download them later if you wish.

Functions and Features:

  • Only download the database(s) you want or need;
  • Search autocomplete to help you find words and phrases quickly;
  • A ‘favourites’ feature to help you save your favourite entries;
  • A ‘recent searches’ list to help you return to words you viewed recently;
  • Double-tap on a word within an entry to look up a new entry;
  • Interface available in English or Irish (or French).
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