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March 2014 updates

We made a number of significant updates to this website in March 2014. The changes include:

  • A sizeable number of scanning and other errors have been corrected in Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla [Irish-English Dictionary] and English-Irish Dictionary. Most of these corrections originated from errors reported to us by users. We’re very grateful to everybody who gave us feedback since the website’s launch in October 2013.

  • We’ve created a new feature that allows users to see all usage examples that match their search. This feature was limited to a maximum of 50 hits until now. From now on, when a search results in over 50 matches, a ‘more’ button is available to load the remainder:

  • In English-Irish Dictionary, we improved the mark-up of variant forms and adverbs embedded under other headwords; these are easier to find now. For example, the adverb slowly, which is embedded under the headword slow, can now be found simply by typing it into the search box; this wasn’t previously possible, because it was documented as “-ly” under headword slow.

  • In Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla [Irish-English Dictionary], we promoted multi-word sub-entries such as cuir le, bain amach to the level of independent entries, which means they can now be searched for like any other entry. Also, when you search for part of a muti-word item, such as amach, the ‘related matches’ section in your search results will contain a listing of all multi-word headwords that contain this word, including caith amach, lig amach, tit amach:

  • We’ve added a number of entries to the Grammar Database, bringing the total number of grammatical entries to almost 9,000.
Creidim ionat
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