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October 2014 updates

We’ve made a number of updates to the website in October 2014. The changes include:

  • A sizeable number of scanning and other errors have been corrected in Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla [Irish-English Dictionary] and English-Irish Dictionary. Most of these corrections originated from errors reported to us by users. We’re very grateful to everybody who gave us feedback.

  • In English-Irish Dictionary, when you search for a headword that exists in New English-Irish Dictionary, you’ll see a link at the top of the page to take you to that entry. (Remember that New English-Irish Dictionary is a more modern dictionary which is intended as a successor to English-Irish Dictionary.)

  • In Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla, the system now understands what most of the tildes (the symbols ~) stand for and uses this knowledge during the search. For example, if you search for lá fada, you’ll get several hits including those where one of the words is a tilde.

    Further development on handling of tildes is planned in the future.

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