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áil could be a grammatical form of: ál »
áil1, s. 1. (Used with copula) Desire, wish. Mar is ~ leat, as you wish. Dá mb’~ leis teacht, if he wished to come; if he would only come. Ní h~ liom iad, I don’t care for them. Cad ab ~ leat díom? What do you want with me? Cad ab ~ leat á dhéanamh sin? What are you doing that for? Fuair sé a mb’~ leis, he got all he wanted. Is é ab ~ liom a rá, what I want to say is. 2. Lit:(gs. & npl. -ála).(a)vn. of áil2. (b) Request; desire, wish.
áil2, v.t. Lit:1. Request, entreat. 2. Desire, wish.
áil3 :ál.
~ an áil, ~ an bhalláin deiridh, the weakling of a litter, of a family.
~ ab áil leat díom? What would, do, you want with me?
~ an rud is áil leat agus cluinfidh tú an rud nach áil leat, say what you like and you will hear what you won’t like.
~ áil, éillín, hen with chickens.
Charbh áil liom fearg a chur air, I did not, would not, wish to anger him.
Cad ab áil leat díom? What do you want with me?
Más toil, más áil, le D~ (go), if God wills (that).
~ áil, mother of brood;
Creidim ionat
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