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Similar words: éaghmais · éamais · féagmais · eaglais · éagumas
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éagmais, f. (gs. ~e).1. Absence; lack, want. ~ eolais, na fírinne, absence, lack, of knowledge, of truth. Cairde ~e, absent friends. Grá ~e, [’love in absence’, love of person one has not seen. 2. (With i, de)(a) In the absence of, without. Teacht, déanamh, in ~, d’~, ruda, to do without sth. Bheith in ~ duine, ruda, to be without s.o., sth. In ~ a thíre agus a mhuintire, away from his country and people. Bí dá ~, be without it. (b) Apart from, besides, as well as. Ní dhéanaim mórán in ~ a bheith ag siúl thart, I do little except to walk about. Tá áit eile acu in ~ na feirme seo, they have another place apart from this farm. In ~ go bhfuil an t-ainm céanna air liom féin, apart from the fact that he has the same name as myself. Ina ~ sin, as well as that, besides. 3. Sense of absence; lonesomeness, longing. ~ a bheith ort i ndiaidh duine, to feel the loss of, feel lonely after, s.o. ~ agus ansacht, longing and love. (Var:éagmhais)
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