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éiric, f. (gs. ~e, pl. ).‘Eric-fine’, compensatory payment for death or injury; reparation, retribution; compensation, reward. ~ ruda a bhaint as duine, to make s.o. pay, get one’s own back on s.o., for sth. ~ a ghabháil i rud, to exact retribution for sth. Tugadh ~ a athar dó, he was recompensed for the loss of his father. Fuair sé suim airgid in ~ a chuid den talamh, he got a sum of money in lieu of his share of the land. In ~ ár bpeacaí, in reparation for our sins. In ~ na héagóra, in requital for the wrong. In ~ a shaothair, in return for his labour. In ~ a aithrí, in reward for his repentance.
Dhíol siad éiric as, they paid an indemnity for it.
1. Ní iarrfad ~ ná díol ina éiric, I will ask no fee nor payment in return for it.
Éiric a ghabháil i rud, to exact retribution for sth.
Ionsaítear éiric i ngach fuil, reparation is always demanded for bloodshed.
~ éirice, exaction of retribution.
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