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íoc1, m. (gs. as s. ~a, as vn. ~tha; pl. ~aí). 1. vn. of íoc3. 2. Payment. ~ fiach, deachúna, payment of debts, of tithes. In ~ a shaothair, in recompense for his work. Mar ~ iomlán sa chaill, in full compensation for the loss. Déanadh a rogha duine an t-~, no matter who bears the expense. Is maith an t-ól go dtaga an t-~, one must pay for one’s whistle. 3. Charge, rate, tax. Cíos is ~, rent and rates. Gan chíos gan ~, free of charges. Fear ~a, tax-, debt-, collector. 4. Requital, atonement. In ~ ár bpeacaí, in atonement for our sins. Mar ~ ina oilc, in requital for his evil doings. In ~ a athar, in revenge for his father. Lit:~ an Chrainn, the atonement on the Cross. (Var:f)
íoc2, f. (gs. íce, npl. ~a, gpl. ~). 1. vn. of íoc4. 2. Healing, cure. ~ leighis, salve, medicament. Milse na híce, the balm of healing. Luibh íce, healing herb. 3. Lit: Salvation, redemption. Beidh ~ d’Iosrael, there will be redemption for Israel. (Var:gs. ~a)
íoc3, v.t. & i. (pp. ~tha). 1. Pay (ar, as, for). Bille, costais, a ~, to pay a bill, costs. ~ as earraí, to pay for goods. Do chion a ~, to pay, contribute, one’s share. Tá na fiacha le h~, gan ~, the debts are due, outstanding. Cards:An bord a ~, to put one’s money on the table. 2. Requite, atone. Míghníomh a ~; ~ as míghníomh, to requite, pay the penalty for, a misdeed. D’~ sé é, he paid, suffered, for it. ~faidh tú é, as, ann, you will pay for it. Ná h~ air é, don’t take it out on him. Ortsa a ~far é, you will pay for it. D’~ Críost peacaí an domhain, Christ atoned for the sins of the world. Dia á ~ lena anam, may God requite his soul for it.
íoc4, v.t. & i. (pp. ~tha).1. Heal, cure. 2. Lit: Save, redeem.
Gheobhaidh tú é ~ íoc as, you will get it if you pay for it.
Níl sé d’~ aige na fiacha a íoc, he is unable to pay his debts.
An t-~ a íoc, to repay a loan; to requite a favour.
D’íoc sé as a thuarastal é, he paid it out of his salary.
~ a íoc, to pay a bill.
An cháin a íoc, to pay the penalty.
Do chion a íoc, to contribute one’s share.
An ~ a íoc, a dhíol, a roinnt, le duine, to return a service to s.o., repay s.o. for what he has done for one.
~ ruda a íoc, to defray the cost of sth.
~ a íoc, a ghlanadh, to pay, clear, an account.
~ a íoc, to pay tithes.
Caithfear ~ na sláinte a íoc, one cannot escape minor ailments.
D’íoc sé an phingin dheireanach a bhí agam air, he paid every penny he owed me.
I n~ ar íoc mé leis, notwithstanding all I paid him.
Dhiúltaigh sé an cíos a íoc, he refused to pay the rent.
An ~ a íoc, to pay the reckoning.
Do dhualgas a íoc, to pay one’s dues, meet one’s obligations.
An t-~ a íoc, to pay the claim, to foot the bill.
Níl cíos, íoc ná ~ air, he has everything free of cost.
Na ~a a íoc, a ghlanadh, to pay, clear, one’s debts.
An ~ a íoc, to pay the balance.
Rud a íoc ina ghálaí, to pay sth. in instalments.
Na gearrthacha a íoc, to pay the rates.
In acmhainn an cháin a íoc, having the means to pay the tax.
Ós tú a tharraing ort, íoc olc agus ~, the aggressor must take the consequences.
An t-~ a íoc, to pay the whole amount.
Suim bheag le do chostas a íoc, a little sum to pay your expenses.
Ba ~ an costas an t-airgead a íoc anois, it would cost less to pay the money now.
Is ~ á ól ach is searbh á íoc é, every sweet hath its sour.
~ ar fhiacha a íoc, inability to pay debts, insolvency.
Íoc ar ~, pay to the order (of).
An ~ a íoc, to pay the piper.
An oiread seo sa phunt, faoin b~, a íoc, to pay so much in the pound.
Na ~í a íoc, to pay the rates.
An ~ a íoc, to pay the reckoning; to pay damages for stolen food, for trespass.
~ a fháil le fiacha a íoc, to get time to pay debts.
Rud a íoc ar an ~, to pay sth. on the dot.
~r íoc mé as, before I paid for it.
Do tháille a íoc, to pay one’s score.
Ní thiocfaidh ort pingin a íoc, you won’t have to pay a penny.
Chuaigh sé óna scair den airgead a íoc, he got out of paying his share of the money.
An ~ a íoc, to pay the piper.
Iarr ~ air leis na fiacha a íoc, ask him for time to pay the debts.
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