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íochtar, m. (gs. & npl. -air, gpl. ~).1. Lower part, bottom. (a)~ balla, cruaiche, cnoic, bottom of wall, of stack, of hill. In ~ an ghleanna, in the lower part of the glen. Na tithe in ~ an bhaile, the houses at the lower end of the town. Bain as ~ an choca é, take it out of the bottom of the cock. ~ tí, lower part, ground floor, of house. In ~ na spéire, low down in the sky, on the horizon. ~ bríste, bottom of trousers. Fliuchfar d’íochtair, the tail of your clothing will get wet. Blús is ~, blouse and skirt. Cuir thart ar d’~ é, put it round the lower part of your body. ~ cléibh, bairille, bottom part of creel, of barrel. Braon beag ar ~ na méise, a little drop on the bottom of the basin. ~ na farraige, the bottom of the sea. ~ trá, cladaigh, outer strand, shore, exposed at low tide. An t-~ cladaigh a bhaint, to cut the seaweed on the lower shore. Ó ~ láin go huachtar láin, (the area) between low water and high water. ~ tíre, lower country, coastal districts. S.a. 2. Ag iníor ar na híochtair, grazing on the lower lands, on the bottoms. ~ ifrinn, the lowest pit of hell. Thíos ar ~, down below, down at the bottom. Bheith in ~, to be underneath, to be down(trodden). Daoine a chur in ~, to subordinate people. An muineál lag in ~, the weakest goes to the wall. Go h~, to the bottom; to the humblest, the last. Tá siad mar sin go h~, they are like that down to the very least of them. An t-~ a chur in uachtar, to turn everything upside down, cause utter confusion. Ó ~ go huachtar an domhain, an aeir, from all regions of the earth, of the air. S.a. lámh17, moiréan. (b)~ bróige, sole of shoe. (c)~ bainne, skim milk. Tabhair an t-~ do na gamhna, give the skim milk to the calves. (d) Smallest, weakest, pig of litter. ~ neide, weakest nestling; least, last, of brood. (e)An béal, an draid, íochtair, the lower lip, teeth. An bealach íochtair, the lower way. An bhró, an chloch, íochtair, the nether millstone. D’ól sé an chloch íochtair, he drank all his substance. Tóg an ceann íochtair, take the lower one, the one at the bottom. 2. Geog: Northern part. ~ na hÉireann, the north of Ireland. ~ Chonnacht, North Connaught. ~ tíre, the north country. (Var. of 1 (d):íochtairín m)
~ uachtair, íochtair, upper, lower, lip.
~ uachtair, íochtair, upper, lower, millstone.
~ cúil, íochtair, bottom wale.
~ íochtair, uachtair, lower, upper, bound.
~ íochtair, uachtair, lower, upper, teeth.
~ bairr, láir, íochtair, top, middle, lower, sod.
In íochtar na tíre, in the lower part of the country.
~ n-íochtar, along the bottom, below.
~ in íochtar agus ~ in uachtar; ~ thíos agus ~ thuas; ~ istigh agus ~ amuigh, underarm and overarm grip.
Uachtar, íochtar, láin, high-, low-, water mark.
~ íochtair, tiller.
~ cúlaitheach, íochtair, tosaigh, recessional, ground, terminal, moraine.
~í íochtair, bottom plates.
~ íochtair bus, ~ uachtair bus, lower, upper, deck of bus.
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