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íseal1, m. (gs. ísil, pl. ísle). 1. Lowly person. Idir uasal agus ~, both high and low, great and small. 2. Low-lying place. Ar na hísle, in the low places, hollows. 3. Os ~, in a low voice; in secret. Tá siad á rá os ~, they are whispering it about.
íseal2, a. (gsm. ísil, gsf., npl. & comp. ísle).Low. 1. Balla, cuaille, foirgneamh, ~, low wall, pole, building. Fear ~ daingean, low-sized stocky man. 2. Tír ~, low-lying country. ~ san uisce, low in the water. 3. ~ i gcéim, low-ranking. Prov:Ní ~ ná uasal ach thíos seal thuas seal, everyone has his ups and downs in life. Duine ~ uasal é, he is a gentleman with the common touch. 4. Uimhreacha, marcanna, ísle, low numbers, marks. Ar an luach is ísle, at the lowest price. 5. Gníomh ~, low, mean, act. Nach ~ an chaint í sin? Isn’t that despicable talk? Bhí sé ~ aige, it was sordid of him. 6. Glór ~, low voice. Labhair go h~, speak low. 7. Tá an duine bocht go h~ anocht, the poor fellow is in low condition tonight.
In ísle ~, run down, enfeebled.
~ íseal, shoe.
Ard, íseal, i g~, of high, low, degree.
~ íseal, low spirits.
~ íseal iad, cut them deep.
Labhairt de ghlór ard, íseal, to speak in a loud, low, voice.
Is ~ íseal agus uasal aige, he treats high and low alike, is no respecter of persons.
~ ard, íseal, high, neap-, tide.
1. ~t go hard, go híseal, to speak loudly, low.
~ ard, íseal, high, low, neck.
Íseal san ~, low in structure.
~ ard, íseal, high, low, relief.
Sála arda, ísle, high, low, heels.
~ íseal, low ground, lowland.
~ le híseal a dhéanamh ar dhuine, to patronize s.o. (As title)
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