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feoil, f. (gs. -ola, pl. -olta).1. Flesh, meat. ~ dhearg, fhola, lean, red, meat. ~ bhán, fat meat. ~ mhairt, beef. ~ chapaill, horsemeat. S.a. 2 ~ éanlaithe, flesh of fowl. ~ dhaonna, human flesh. ~ bheo, livestock. ~ bhruite, rósta, boiled, roast, meat. ~ a ithe, to eat meat. Ag ithe na feola fuaire, backbiting, slandering, people. D’ith siad an fheoil anuas díom, they lacerated me with their tongues. ~ a chailleadh, a thógáil, to lose, put on, flesh. Titim i bh~, chun feola, to grow fat, flabby. An fheoil a bhaint anuas, to reduce weight. Tá ~ mháis is mhuiníl orthu, they are beef to the heels. Ná déan ~ is iasc díobh, don’t make fish of one and flesh of another. Ionga i bh~, ingrowing nail. Idir ~ is leathar, under the skin. ~ thubaiste(ach), anachana, easpach, meat of farm animal killed by mischance. S.a. cnámh 1(b), fuil13, 5. 2. Miner:~ chait, chapaill, fatty hydrocarbon found in bog.
An té a itheann feoil, the person who eats meat.
An fheoil a itear, the meat which is eaten.
Níl ~ aici ar fheoil a ithe, she can’t take meat.
~ feola, chunk of meat.
Ag ~adh feola, devouring meat.
Feoil, ubh, ~, raw meat, egg.
Is fairsinge an fheoil ná an t-iasc, meat is more plentiful than fish.
D’ith mé ~ feola, I ate a huge amount of meat.
~ a dhéanamh ar fheoil, to abstain from meat.
~cha (feola), top ribs (of meat).
Feoil a bhealú, to baste meat.
Uisce, feoil, a bheiriú, to boil water, meat.
Feoil a chur ar ~, to spit meat.
Feoil bhog, tender meat.
Feoil, ubh, a bhruith, to boil meat, an egg.
Feoil, iasc, a chaitheamh, to eat meat, fish.
~ aráin, feola, hunk of bread, of meat.
Cé acu is daoire, feoil nó iasc? Which is dearer, meat or fish?
Má tá sé ~ againn, dúinn, feoil a ithe, if we are allowed to eat meat.
Tá sé ina chiseach le feoil, he is encumbered with flesh.
Ag ~t na feola, tearing at the meat.
Fág ~ san fheoil, leave something to bite on in the meat, don’t overdo the meat.
An rud atá sa chnámh (is doiligh a bhaint as an bhfeoil), what is bred in the bone (is difficult to get rid of).
Tá ~ air le feoil, he has a distaste for meat.
~ (chun) feola, oibre, rage for meat, for work.
Tá ~ beag san fheoil, the meat is slightly tainted.
2. Feoil chortha, tainted meat.
~ feola, discarded meat, offal.
Feoil a chur suas, to put on flesh.
~ feola, lump of meat.
~ aráin, feola, hunk of bread, of meat.
Feoil dhóite, burned, charred, meat.
Feoil a dhonnú, to brown meat.
~ den fheoil (a fháil), (to get) a taste of the meat.
Tá ~ na feola ann, he tends to put on flesh.
~ (bheag) den fheoil (a fháil), (to get) a (little) taste of the meat.
Feoil, ubh, fhuar, raw meat, egg.
Chuir sé mo chuid fola agus feola trína chéile, it made my blood boil; it horrified me.
Do chuid fola agus feola féin, one’s own flesh and blood.
~ aráin, ime, feola, lump of bread, of butter, of meat.
Feoil a ghearradh, to cut, carve, meat.
Níor fágadh ~ feola ar na cnámha, not a scrap of meat was left on the bones.
~ ime, aráin, feola, morsel of butter, of bread, of meat.
Feoil ghoirt, salt meat.
~ feola, saltiness of meat.
~ (feola), buttock.
~a a chur ar fheoil, to crumb meat.
6. Tá ~í feola air, he is extremely fleshy, fat.
Feoil is ~ a dhéanamh díobh, to make fish of one and flesh of another.
Bhí sé ~ le feoil, he was puffed up with flesh.
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