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gráinne1, m. (gs. ~, pl. -nní). Grain. 1. Single grain. (a) (Of corn) ~ coirce, cruithneachta, a grain of oats, of wheat. ~ piobair, peppercorn. Is é an ~ mullaigh é, it is the pick of the grain, the best. S.a. eorna. (b) (Hard) particle. ~ gainimh, salainn, a grain of sand, of salt. (c)~ (coise), corn (on foot). 2. (a) (Of granules in rock) Cloch ghráinne, granular stone; granite. (b)~ adhmaid, grain of timber. (c) (Of line of fibre) I gcoinne an ghráinne, against the grain. 3. Meas:~ óir, airgid, a grain of gold, of silver. 4. Small quantity. ~ tae, siúcra, a grain of tea, of sugar. (Var:pl. ~acha)
gráinne2. 1. f = gránnacht. 2. Var. comp. of gránna.
Gráinne ~, barleycorn.
~eann gráinne ón scilligeadh, ‘a grain escapes from the shelling,’ exceptional characters are to be found in all communities.
Creidim ionat
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