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achainí could be a grammatical form of: achainigh »
achainí, f. (gs. ~, pl. ~ocha).1. vn. of achainigh. 2. Request, entreaty, petition. ~ a iarraidh, to make a request, a wish. Fuair sé a ~, he got his wish. Cuirim mar ~ ort, I entreat you. Uair na h~, the psychological moment. Gan iarraidh gan ~, without any inducement. Cá mhéad ~ sa Phaidir? How many petitions are there in the Lord’s Prayer? (Var:achaine f, pl. ~)
Dírím m’achainí ort, I direct my appeal to you.
Ná ~ mé faoi m’achainí, don’t deny me my request.
Urnaí, achainí, a ~eacht, to hear a prayer, a request.
Achainí, éileamh, a fháil, to get a request, a demand.
Achainí ghéibheannach, extremely urgent request.
Ghéill sé do m’achainí, he yielded to my entreaty.
Tháinig sé anuas ar a dhá ghlúin ag achainí orm, he appealed to me on bended knee.
Achainí ~e, petition for reprieve.
Go dtuga Dia ~ ar d’achainí, may God look with favour on your request.
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