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Similar words: maistrigh · airigh · áitrigh · astraigh · baistigh
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aistrigh could be a grammatical form of: aistreach »
aistrigh1, v.t. & i. 1. Move; transfer, translate. Troscán a aistriú, to shift furniture. Duine a aistriú (ó, go), to transfer s.o. (from, to). Airgead, maoin, a aistriú, to transfer money, property. Pobal a aistriú, to transplant people, a population. Easpag a aistriú, to translate a bishop. Cónaí a aistriú, to move house. Tá an ghaoth ag aistriú, the wind is changing. Ná h~ an scéal sin, don’t carry that story (to other ears). 2. (Of figures, music, etc.) Transpose. 3. Journey, travel. ~ liom sa ród, take the road along with me. 4. Ling: Translate. Leabhar a aistriú go Gaeilge, to translate a book into Irish.
aistrigh2, gsm. of aistreach.
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