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amú could be a grammatical form of: amaigh »
amú, adv. 1. Wasted, in vain. Rud a chur ~ (ar dhuine), to waste sth. (on, to the detriment of, s.o.). Rud a ligean ~, sa dul ~, to let sth. go to waste. Tá an lá, an obair, ~ orm, my day, my work, is wasted. Tá tú ~ againn, we have wasted your time, kept you from your work. Tá an bia ~ ort, your food is spoiled, gone to loss. Airgead ~, money wasted. Saothar ~, labour in vain. Saol a chuaigh ~, a life mis-spent. 2. Astray. Dul ~ i rud, to go wrong, make a mistake, in sth. Mura bhfuil dul ~ orm, unless I am mistaken. Duine a chur ~, to mislead, misdirect, s.o. Chuaigh sé ~ sa dorchadas, he got lost in the dark. Chuaigh an litir ~, the letter went astray. Lig sé na caoirigh ~, he let the sheep stray. Tá sé ~ ina chuid éadaigh, he is lost in his clothes. (Var:amugha)
Tá go leor le déanamh agat i bh~ is a bheith ag cur do chuid ama amú, you have plenty to do besides wasting your time.
~ tú amú é, you let it go to loss.
Ag sábháil na ~e is ag cur amú na scillinge, penny wise and pound foolish.
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