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báire, m. (gs. ~, pl. -rí).1. Match, contest. ~ a bhualadh, to engage in a contest. (Is) ~ buailte é, it is a lost game, cause. ~ a chur ar dhuine, to challenge s.o. to a contest; to get the better of s.o. Rug sé an ~, he won the match, the day. Tá an ~ linn, we have won. ~ na fola, battle. Is é ~ na fola é, it is the supreme crisis, test. ~ baoise, game of folly; youthful folly. Tá sé ar a bháire baoise, he is playing the fool, play-acting. I dtús ~, at the onset. I lár ~, in the centre of play; in the middle. I ndeireadh ~, at length, when all was over. S.a. buachaill 4, cailín 1. 2. Hurling match. Ag imirt ~, playing hurling. (As vn.)Ag ~, playing hurling. 3. Goal. ~ a chur, to score a goal. I mbéal ~, in the goalmouth. Cúl ~, goalkeeper. Chaill mé mo chúl ~, I lost my support, the person in whom I had most trust. S.a. poc11(b).4. Shoal (of fish).
~ báire, goalmouth.
~ báire, playboy, trickster.
Bhuamar an báire, we won the match, gained the victory.
~ báire, match-playing, hurling.
~ báire, tomboy.
Báire a chosaint, to keep goal; to save a goal.
~ báire, goal-post.
Báire a chur, to score a goal.
Is dona a ~adh thú nár chuir tú an báire, you let yourself down badly when you didn’t score the goal.
Báire ~, scoreable goal.
Cluiche, báire, iomána, hurling match.
~ báire, (i) hurling-stroke, stroke of play, (ii) puck at goal.
An ~ a chaill an báire, the side that lost the contest.
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