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barraíocht, f. (gs. ~a).1. Excess. ~ airgid, cainte, too much money, talk. ~ daoine, eallaigh, too many people, cattle. ~ ualaigh, excessive load. Thug tú ~ dom, you gave me too much. Tá punt de bharraíocht ann, it is a pound over, in excess. Fuair mé ceann de bharraíocht ort, I got one more than you. Seachain an bharraíocht, avoid excess. 2. (As vn.)(a)Duine a bharraíocht, to best s.o. Is deacair an saol a bharraíocht, it is difficult to understand, to cope with, life. (b)An aimsir a bharraíocht, to judge the weather.
Tá barraíocht ~e air, he is too fat;
Tá barraíocht ligin agaibh, you get too much of your own way.
Tá barraíocht de ~ agat, too much of it is bad for you.
barraíocht spáis, it would take up too much space.
Creidim ionat
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