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Similar words: beart · heart · bear · beartú · beacht
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bheart could be a grammatical form of: beart »
Níl ~ a bheart aige, he is incapable (on account of drink, etc.).
Fiche punann sa bheart, twenty sheaves to the bundle.
Is dona mar a chaith mé mo bheart ina measc, I got on very badly with them.
Cuireadh go dtí a aon bheart é, he was driven to his last expedient.
I rith mo bheart, in all my experience.
Rud a chur ina bheart féin, to put sth. in its proper place.
Is mé a cheannaigh mo bheart, I paid for my experience.
Do bheart a chur i gcrích, to achieve one’s purpose; to finish one’s job.
Tá aithne a ~ is a bheart aige, he is quite capable of looking after himself, is quite sober.
~ a chur ar bheart, to string a parcel.
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