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bríste, m. (gs. ~, pl. -tí). 1. Trousers. Cuir ort do bhríste, put on your trousers. ~ fada, gairid, long, short, trousers. ~ glún, knee-breeches. 2. (Of harness) Breeching. 3. Roe (of pollock).
~ ar ghlúin bríste, bulge at trouser knee.
~ bríste, leg-end of trousers.
Bríste, sciorta, ~, narrow, tight-fitting, trousers, skirt.
Bhí a bhríste ag éalú síos air, his trousers were slipping down on him.
Bríste ~, long trousers.
D’fhill sé aníos osáin a bhríste, he turned up the legs of his trousers.
~ in osán bríste, turn-up in leg of trousers.
Bríste ~, short trousers.
Bríste ~e, jeans.
Bróga, bríste, glún, knee-boots, -breeches.
Ina bhríste agus ina léine, in his shirt and trousers.
~ bríste, bottom of trousers.
Ina ~ is ina bhríste, in his shirt-sleeves.
Tá do bhríste ina mhála agat, you have your trousers all baggy.
Bríste ~, moleskin trousers.
~ i mbríste, tomboy.
1. ~ (bríste), leg of trousers.
1. ~ bríste, flap of trousers.
1. ~ bríste, casóige, veiste, trouser-, coat-, vest-, pocket.
Tá na cnaipí scoite de mo bhríste, the buttons have come off my trousers.
Bhí osáin mo bhríste ina streachláin, the legs of my trousers were in shreds.
Tharraing sé aníos osán a bhríste, he pulled up the leg of his trousers.
~ bríste, seat of trousers.
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