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breathnaigh, v.t. & i. 1. Observe, examine. An tír a bhreathnú, to view the country. Bun na spéire a bhreathnú, to scan the horizon. Cás a bhreathnú, to look into, consider, a case. Breathnú siar ar do shaol, to look back over one’s life. Breathnú ar an bhfírinne, to consider, examine, the truth. Bhreathnaigh sé ó bhun go barr mé, he looked me up and down, examined me all over. Bhreathnaigh sé faoi agus thairis, he looked all around him, noted everything in sight. ~ romhat agus i do dhiaidh, look before and after, lay your plans carefully. S.a. cuilithe 1. 2. Look at, watch. Cluiche a bhreathnú, to watch a game. Breathnú síos, suas, siar, amach, to look down, up, back, out. ~ air seo, look at this. Breathnú i ndiaidh duine, to look after s.o.; to attend to s.o. Bhí sé anseo ag breathnú orm, he was here to see, visit, me. 3. Look, appear. Tá tú ag breathnú go maith, you are looking well.
Amharc, breathnaigh, dearc, féach, ar, look at, consider.
Bhraith sé go raibh siad ag breathnú air, he sensed that they were watching him.
~ tíre, sight-seeing.
~ spéire, sky-watching.
~ a dhéanamh ar chás, to consider a case.
Bhí sé ag breathnú orainn i g~ na faide, he kept looking at us all the time.
Breathnaigh, féach, an abhainn sula dtéir ina ~, look before you leap.
Tá sé ag breathnú go ~, he looks bad.
D’fhiar mo shúile ag breathnú orthu, I got a squint in my eyes from watching them.
Breathnú i leith do ghéill ar dhuine, to look askance at s.o.
Ag breathnú na n-~, seeing the sights.
Breathnaigh uait an tír, look around you at the country.
Amharc, breathnaigh, dearc, romhat, look ahead, where you are going, to the future.
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