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breithiúnas, m. (gs. -ais). Judgment. Jur:~ achomair, easaontais, forchoimeádta, summary, dissenting, reserved, judgment. ~ mainneachtana, judgment by default. Theol:~ coiteann agus áirithe, general and particular judgment. ~ báis, sentence of death. An ~ deireanach, the last judgment. Lá an Bhreithiúnais, Day of Judgment. ~ aithrí, (sacramental) penance. ~ a thabhairt, to pass judgment, sentence. Tabhair do bhreithiúnas air seo, let me have your verdict on this matter. Fágaim ar do bhreithiúnas féin é, I leave it to yourself to judge. Ní rachaidh mé thar do bhreithiúnas leis, I will not dispute your verdict on it. Tá ~ maith aige, he is a discerning judge. Tá ~ aige ar leabhair, ar an aimsir, he is a judge of books, of the weather. Más liom ~ a thabhairt eadraibh, if I must decide between you. ~ a bhaint as rud, to draw an inference from sth. Ní thig liom ~ a bhaint as, I cannot see the significance of it. ~ Dé orm! As God is my judge! (Var:breithiúnachas, breithiúntas)
Breithiúnas ~ a dhéanamh, a chomhlíonadh, to perform (imposed) penance.
~ bhreithiúnais, seat of judgment.
Breithiúnas ~, perverse judgment.
Breithiúnas ~, just judgement.
Breithiúnas aithrí a chomhlíonadh, to perform a penance.
Breithiúnas a chomhlíonadh, to execute judgment.
bhreithiúnais, dlí, court of justice, of law.
Breithiúnas ~, severe judgment.
Breithiúnas ~, discreet, discerning, judgment.
Breithiúnas ~, tardy judgment.
~adh faoi mo bhreithiúnas é, it was left to my judgment.
Pionós, breithiúnas aithrí, a fháil, to receive a punishment, a penance.
Breithiúnas a fhorchoimeád, to reserve judgment.
~ ar bhreithiúnas, i gcúrsa, motion for judgment, of course.
~ breithiúnais, error of judgment.
~ an Bhreithiúnais, the Day of Judgment.
Cuireadh an breithiúnas i ~, the judgment was set aside.
Breithiúnas ~, biased, unfair, judgment.
Breithiúnas mainneachtana, judgment by default.
~ breithiúnais, cothromais, dlí, tosaíochta, judgment, equitable, legal, prior, mortgage.
Breithiúnas ~, perverse judgment.
Breithiúnas ~, level-headed judgment.
Do bhreithiúnas a thabhairt ar rud, to give one’s decision on sth.
1. Breithiúnas a thaifeadadh, to record a judgment.
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