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cábla, m. (gs. ~, pl. ). Cable. ~ a leagan, to lay a cable.
Sreang, cábla, a chlúdach, to cover, to coat, a wire, a cable.
~ cábla, core of cable.
Cábla a chur, to lay a cable.
~ cábla, sheathing of cable.
~ de rópa, de chábla, loop of rope, of cable.
Cábla ~, overhead cable.
Brící, cáblaí, a ~an, to lay bricks, cables.
~ cáblaí, píopaí, laying of cables, of pipes.
Cábla a ~ean amach, to pay out, to cast off, a cable.
Cábla miotail, metal cable.
Cábla a ~adh, to strip a cable.
Tá na cáblaí ag ~eadh, the cables are slacking.
Cábla a thabhairt, to pay out a cable.
Cábla a theannadh, to haul a cable taut.
~ cábla, cable-conduit.
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