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cách, m. (gs. ~).1. Everyone. Mar is eol do chách, as everyone knows. Tá sé chomh maith le ~, he is as good as anybody. Ní measa é ná ~, he is no worse than others. Thar ~; os cionn ~ (uile), above all others. I bhfianaise ~, in the presence of all. Fear mar chách, ordinary man. Bhí sé ann fear mar chách, he was there like everyone else. Lá caoi ~, day of general mourning. ~ ar aithris, slavish imitation. 2. Lit:(gs. cáich) Being, person. (a)An ~ a chuaigh uaidh, he who went from him. Ag diúracadh an cháich a bhí sa tor, shooting at whoever was in the bush. (b) (Epithet of Christ) Ionmhain C~ a crochadh ionat, beloved is He who was crucified on thee. An C~ a thug do bheatha duit, He who gave you your life.
Fear a chinn ar chách, a man who surpassed all men.
Dul don ~ mar chách, to go the way of all flesh.
Is ~ do chách, don saol, (go), everyone knows (that).
~ mar chách, ordinary man.
Go bhfionna cách do dhúthracht, so that all may see whether you are in earnest.
I bh~ do chách, to everyone’s knowledge.
Mar is ~ do chách, don saol, as everybody, all the world, can see.
Mó sa chách, most of all.
Shuigh sé cách, he seated everybody.
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