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chiall could be a grammatical form of: ciall »
Ní hé sin an chiall atá leis san ~ eile, that is not what it means in the other passage, context.
Ar chiall na bpáistí, with no more sense than a child.
~ ar do chiall, ar do stuaim, have sense, patience.
An rud a bhreoigh mo chiall, mo chéadfaí, what enfeebled my mind, my senses.
Chaill sé a chiall, he went out of his mind.
Tá a chiall is a chéadfaí aige, he is in possession of all his faculties; he is in his senses.
Chaill sé a chiall is a chéadfaí, he lost, took leave of, his senses.
Tá an chiall cheart aige, he has proper sense.
An chiall cheart a bhaint as rud, to take the right meaning out of sth.
Tá tú ~ beag de chiall leis féin, you have as little sense as he has.
Do chiall a bheith agat, to be in one’s senses.
Dul as do chiall, to take leave of one’s senses.
Do chiall a chailleadh, to lose one’s reason.
A chiall a bhaint de dhuine, to deprive s.o. of his senses.
Duine a chur as a chiall, to drive s.o. insane.
Tá sé as a chiall, he is out of his mind.
Chuir siad mo chiall ar mo mhuin dom, they drove me crazy.
Teacht ar do chiall, to come to one’s senses.
Duine ar a, ina, chiall, anyone in his senses.
Ar meisce nó ar a chiall dó, whether he be drunk or sober.
Tá sé ar chiall na bpáistí, he has no more sense than a child.
Dá mbeadh sé de chiall agam, if I had the good sense (to).
Ní maith an chiall duit é, it is not wise for you.
Ná tabhair do chiall i gceann a chéille, don’t condescend to argue with him.
An chiall cheart a bhaint as rud, to interpret sth. correctly.
Bhain tú an chiall chontráilte, do chiall féin, as, you took the wrong, your own, meaning out of it.
Tá a chiall féin aige leis, he knows what he means by it.
A chiall féin ag gach duine, everybody has his own ideas.
Sa chiall, faoin g~, sin, in that sense, meaning.
Sin é an chiall nach ndearna sé é, that is why he did not do it.
Do chiall a choinneáil, to keep one’s senses.
Fágadh gan chiall gan chonn é, he was deprived of his senses.
Bhain sé an chiall chontráilte as, he mistook its meaning.
Sa chiall is ~e den fhocal, in the strictest sense of the word.
Ní raibh de chiall aige ach seasamh ansin, he had no more sense than to stand there.
Go ndearca Dia ar do chiall! God give you sense! What little sense you have!
Mura bhfuil ciall aige tá an ~ aige, he may not have sense but he knows how to say, do, the wrong thing.
~ a bhaint as rud, to put a bad construction on sth.
Go bhfóire Dia ar do chiall! God give you sense! How little you know!
A fholadh agus a chiall, its substance and meaning.
Tá sé ~ ó chiall, he is devoid of sense.
Bíodh ~ agat ar do chiall, hold on to your senses.
Is ~ dom na litreacha, an chiall atá leis, I can see the letters, what it means.
An rud a mhearaigh mo chiall, what deranged my senses, drove me to distraction.
Mheasc sé mo chiall, it confused my senses.
~aim do chiall, I admire your sense.
Chuir siad mo chiall ar mo mhuin dom, they drove me crazy.
~b agat atá an chiall, you are so sensible.
Chaill sé a chiall agus a ~, he took complete leave of his senses.
~adh a chiall, he became deranged.
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