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coimhthíoch1, m. (gs. & npl. -ígh, gpl. ~). Stranger; alien, foreigner. An mhaith is an t-olc i dtóin an choimhthígh, the outsider gets the blame for everything. S.a. caidrigh 1.
coimhthíoch2, a. (gsm. ~, gsf. & comp. -íche, npl. ~a). 1. Alien, foreign. Tíortha ~a, foreign lands. Déithe ~a, alien, strange, gods. Éan ~, strange, migratory, bird. 2. Unfamiliar. Aghaidh choimhthíoch, strange, foreign-looking, face. Caint choimhthíoch, strange, outlandish, speech. Bhí an chathair ~ acu, they were unfamiliar with the (ways of the) city. 3. Exotic. Bia ~, exotic food. Tá blas ~ air, it has a peculiar taste. 4. (Of weather) Unseasonable. 5. Wild, remote. Tailte ~a, wild, unreclaimed, tracts of land. Ní fhásann sé ach i gcriathraigh choimhthíocha, it grows only in remote swamps. An fharraige choimhthíoch, the open sea. 6. Extraneous. 7. Distant, aloof, shy. Bheith ~ le duine, to be distant, stand-offish, with s.o.; (of child) to ‘make strange’ with s.o. Nach tú atá ~? Aren’t you very reserved? Are you too shy to speak to anyone? (Var:coimhtheach a1)
~ an coimhthíoch ach ná taobhaigh é, be friendly with a stranger but don’t put your trust in him.
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