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comhairle, f. (gs. ~, pl. -lí).1. Advice, counsel; direction, influence. ~ a thabhairt, a ghlacadh, to give, to take, advice. ~ a dhéanamh, to take counsel; to come to a decision. Dul i g~ le duine, to take counsel with s.o. Bhí siad i g~ le chéile, they were in consultation with each other. Chuir siad a gcomhairlí i gceann a chéile, they consulted, put their heads, together. Rud a chur i g~ duine, to ask s.o.’s advice about sth. ~ a chur ar dhuine, to advise s.o.; to direct, influence, s.o. Is furasta ~ a chur air, he is easily advised, led. Bheith ar chomhairle duine, to be influenced, led, by s.o. D’fhan sé ar chomhairle a athar, he let his father direct him. Dul thar chomhairle duine, to spurn the advice, get beyond the control, of s.o. (Is é ) mo chomhairle duit fanacht uathu, I advise you to stay away from them. Más ar mo chomhairle atá, if it is for me to advise. An té nach bhfuil ~ air, he who is not amenable to reason. Níl ~ ar bith aige ar na páistí, he has no influence over the children. Do chomhairle féin a dhéanamh, to be one’s own counsellor, to do as one pleases. Tabhair a chomhairle féin dó, let him have his own way. Tá siad ar a g~ féin, they do as they like. Fágaim faoi do chomhairle (féin) é, I leave it to your (own) discretion. ~ carad, a friend’s advice. ~ ina ham féin, timely advice. Rinne tú ~ do leasa, you consulted your own interest, acted on good advice. Bheith idir dhá chomhairle faoi rud, to be in two minds about sth. S.a. cinn2. 2. Council. ~ baile, contae, town, county, council. ~ Stáit, State Council. Dul i ndáil chomhairle, to meet in council. (Var:pl. ~acha)
Ag seo mo chomhairle duit, here, this, is my advice to you.
Comhairle ~, mature counsel.
Comhairle a ~a a thabhairt do dhuine, to give s.o. bad, evil, advice.
Comhairle ~, misguided counsel.
I g~ idir dhá chomhairle, in a state of perplexity.
Bainisteoir, comhairle, halla, líomatáiste, cathrach, city manager, council, hall, limits.
Gan chead gan chomhairle, without leave or consultation.
~ comhairle, leader in council;
Comhairle a chinneadh, ~eadh ar chomhairle, to decide upon a course of action.
An té nach nglacann comhairle glacfaidh sé ~, he who will not yield to reason will yield to compulsion.
Comhairle a chríochnú, to conclude deliberations, to come to a decision.
Comhairle a chrú, to seek, take, counsel.
~ chomhairle, council meeting.
Bhí siad i n~ chomhairle, they were gathered in consultation.
~ airgid, comhairle, refusal to give, to accept, money, advice.
Ba dhona an chomhairle dó é, he was ill-advised.
~ le comhairle uaim, listen to advice from me; let me give you advice.
D’fhéad tú mo chomhairle a ghlacadh, you might have taken my advice.
Déan mo chomhairle ~, take my advice for the future.
Comhairle, rabhadh, a ghabháil, to take advice, warning.
Comhairle, tairiscint, a ghlacadh, to take advice, an offer.
Má chuireann tú mo chomhairle i n~, if you act on my advice.
Comhairle gan ~, unsought-for advice.
Comhairle ~, sincere, disinterested, advice.
Comhairle a ~a a thabhairt do dhuine, to give s.o. good advice.
Is ~ an té a chuir comhairle orm! I had a right good counsellor!
Mo chomhairle duit, my advice to you.
Comhairle uaimse duit, let me give you a bit of advice.
Fear comhairle agus sanais, counsellor and confidant.
Comhairle shaobh, crooked counsel.
~ comhairle, (i) consulting-room, (ii) council-chamber.
~ í mo chomhairle duit, that then is my advice to you.
Cuirfidh a shrón féin comhairle air, his own instinct will guide him; he will learn from his mistakes.
Ag ~ comhairle, seeking advice.
Beannacht, comhairle, a thabhairt, to give a blessing, advice.
Thug sí comhairle mhaith duit, she gave you good advice.
Comhairle thairbheach, useful advice.
Teacht i ndáil chomhairle, to meet in council.
Tháinig liom comhairle a chur air, I was able to influence him.
Dul i gcomhairle le duine, to take counsel with s.o.
Níl ~ acu ar mo chomhairle, they pay no heed to my advice.
Nuair a bhíodh m’athair, ~ air, ag cur comhairle orainn, when my late father used to counsel us.
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