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cuir síos, v.t. & i. 1. Put down; set, lay. (a)síos i bpoll, i do phóca, to put sth. down into a hole, into one’s pocket. Chuir sé síos le fána é, he pushed it down the slope. (b)Stáca a chur síos, to put down a stake. Brat urláir a chur síos, to lay a carpet. (c)Tine a chur síos, to set a fire. Pota a chur síos, to put a pot on. (d)Rud a chur síos i leabhar, to mark sth. down in a book. ~ síos d’ainm leis, put down your name for it. 2. (With ar) Cur síos ar rud, to give an account of, to describe, sth. 3. (With do) Attribute, impute (to). Rud a chur síos do dhuine, to impute sth. to s.o. 4. (With le) Níl rud ar bith ag cur síos leis ach sin, nothing interests him but that.
Cuir síos d’~ leis, enter your name for it.
~ síos a dhéanamh ar rud, to give an account of sth.
Níl ~ síos (le déanamh) air, it defies description.
Chuir sí síos ~ phrátaí, she put on a huge pot of potatoes.
Cuir síos an Ghaeilge agus an Béarla ~ le chéile, write down the Irish and the English both together.
Chuir sé an margadh ~ suas orainn, he spoiled our whole agreement.
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