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díol could be a grammatical form of: íol »
díol1, m. (gs. as s. ~a, as vn. ~ta).1. vn. of díol2. 2. Selling, sale. ~ earraí, sale of goods. ~ agus ceannach, buying and selling. ~ maith a dhéanamh, to make a good sale. Tá ~ maith orthu, they are selling well. 3. Payment; recompense, requital. ~ cíosa, costais, payment of rent, of cost. I n~ ruda, in payment, in return, for sth. ~ fiach a thabhairt do dhuine, to repay a debt to s.o.; to requite s.o. I n~ a ndearna sé, in return for what he did. Sin an ~ a thug sé dom, that is how he repaid me. Is é do dhíol é, it serves you right. Is maith an ~ ort é, you well deserve it; you are well worth it. B’olc an ~ air é, little he deserved it. Is fada óna dhíol é, it is far from his deserts. ~ an pheaca, atonement for sin. 4. Deserving object. ~ trua é, he deserves to be pitied. 5. Enough, sufficiency. ~ duine de rud, enough of sth. for a person’s needs. ~ beirte de bhia, enough food for two. ~ míosa de lón, a month’s supply of provisions. Tá ~ mo cháis agam, I have enough to serve my purpose. Níl ~ a roinnte ann, there is not enough of it to go round. Tá ~ rí ann, it is fit for a king. Fuair sí a ~ d’fhear, she got a husband worthy of her. Faoina n~ capall, with their complement of horses. An bhfuil do dhíol agat? Have you enough? 6. Treatment; fate. Gach ~ dár fhulaing sé, every treatment that he endured. Ní fios a n~ ó shin, it is not known how they have fared since. (Var:~adh m)
díol2, v.t. & i. 1. Sell. (a)Earraí a dhíol, to sell goods. Dhíol mé leis ar phunt é, I sold it to him for a pound. Ag ~ meala is ag ceannach milseán, [’selling honey to buy sweets’, carrying coals to Newcastle. S.a. cearc 1(a).(b) Betray. Do thír a dhíol, to sell one’s country. Dhíolfadh sé ar bord loinge thú, he would sell you down the river. ~adh faoina luach é, he was basely betrayed. 2. Pay; requite. ~ as rud, to pay for sth.; to be punished for sth. Dhíol sé a luach liom, he paid me the value of it. Dhíol siad éiric as, they paid an indemnity for it. Dhíol an chruithneacht é, the wheat paid off for him. Dhíol siad go maith mé, they paid me well. Dhíol sé go daor as, he paid dearly for it. Cards:~ as, pay out, discard. S.a. comhar.
Ar díol, on sale.
Ceannaigh, díol, ar, buy, sell, at, for.
Níl díol ná ~ orthu, there is no market for them.
Ceannach, díol, snámh, ól, feadaíl, a dhéanamh, to buy, sell, swim, drink, whistle.
Díol ~e, object of charity.
~ dána, anthology of verse.
Níl díol ~ caite aige, he has eaten nothing.
Cé gur beag díol ~ caithfidh sé a sholáthar, ‘little as a wren needs it must gather it’, even the smallest necessities of life have to be provided for.
~ díolta páipéar, news-vendor.
1. Ní iarrfad ~ ná díol ina éiric, I will ask no fee nor payment in return for it.
Díol do fhreastail a sholáthar, to provide enough for one’s needs.
Díol greise, requital for injury, revenge for aggression.
Tá ~ mhaith acu díolta, a good few of them have been sold.
Ag díol as an ~, paying for extravagance.
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