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Nuair a bhí sé ina dhea-bheatha, when the good man was alive; when he was alive and well.
Is mór ag duine a dhea-chlú, one’s good name is to be cherished.
Do dhea-mhéin a chur chuig, chun, duine, to send kind regards to s.o.
Beir mo dhea-mhéin chun do mhuintire, tell your people I send them my regards.
Ar dhea-staid, in a proper state; in a state of grace.
Le do dhea-thoil, with your kind consent.
Do dhea-mhéin a ghabháil le duine, to present one’s compliments to s.o.
~ dhea, forsooth.
Cara, ~ dhea! Friend, indeed!
Ag moladh liom, ~ dhea, pretending to agree with me.
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