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dhorn could be a grammatical form of: dorn »
Tá a ~ i mbarr a ghoib, i mbéal a chléibh, ina dhorn, aige, leis, he is panting (from exertion).
~ do dhorn, an bata, air, shake your fist, the stick, at him.
~ de dhorn, de bhata, blow of fist, of stick.
Bhí an ~ ina dhorn aige, he had the winning of the game in his hand.
Chnag sé lena dhorn, le bata, é, he struck him hard with his fist, with a stick.
~ de dhorn, blow of a fist.
Breith i do dhorn ar rud, to catch sth. in one’s fist.
Bhí bata ina dhorn aige, he held a stick in his hand.
Do dhorn a dhúnadh (ar rud), to close one’s fist (over, round, sth.).
Doras, do dhorn, leabhar, a dhruidim, to close a door, one’s fist, a book.
~ do dhorn air, grasp, hold, it tight; take it when you have the chance.
Dhún sé (a dhorn) ar an airgead, he held on to the money.
D’~ sé a dhorn air, he closed his fist over it, kept a tight hold on it.
~ sé amach mé lena dhorn, he knocked me down with his fist.
Bhí ~ cloiche ina dhorn leis, he was carrying a huge lump of a stone in his fist.
~ do dhorn, open your fist.
Shín sé lena dhorn mé, he laid me out with his fist.
~ do dhorn air, close your fist tightly over it.
1. Thóg sé ina dhorn é, he took it up in his fist.
Thóg sé a dhorn liom, he raised his fist to me.
Thomhais sé a dhorn liom, he cocked his fist at me.
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