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diongbháilte could be a grammatical form of: diongaibh »
diongbháilte, a3. 1. pp. of diongaibh. 2. Worthy, fitting. 3. Firm, steadfast; constant, stable; fixed, secure. Seasamh go ~ (le duine, le rud), to stand fast (by s.o., sth.). Bheith ~ i do chreideamh, to be steadfast in one’s faith. Creidim go ~ (go), I firmly believe (that). Rún ~ a bheith agat, to have a firm resolution. Rialacha ~, definite rules. Cara ~, staunch friend. Dúnta go ~, securely closed. Go Daingean ~, strong and secure. 4. Confirmed, positive. Ordú ~, strict order. Tuairimí ~, decided opinions. Glór ~, decided tone of voice. Labhairt go ~, to speak in a decisive manner. 5. Well-set, solid. Fear beag ~, a low thickset man. Is maith ~ an chruach í, it is a good solidly-built stack. 6. Self-assured, cocky. (Var:diongbhálta)
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