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fág le, v.t. 1. Leave by, with, for. (a)Rud a fhágáil le huacht (ag duine), to leave sth. by will (to s.o.). Rud a fhágáil le d’anam, to leave sth. to be offered for one’s soul. D’fhág sé le leas a chlainne é, he left it for the benefit of his children. (b) (In asseverations) ~aim le huacht, le m’uacht (go), I solemnly declare (that). ~aim le m’anam (go), upon my soul I swear (that). ~aim le Dia (go), I declare to God (that). 2. (Used passively) Is leis a ~adh é, it led to his undoing. Is iomaí duine a ~adh le saint, greed has been the downfall of many. ~adh leis an ocras é, he perished of hunger. Is mé a ~adh (thíos) leis, I was let in for it. Is trua liom an té a ~adh libh, I pity the person who has to put up with you. Ba leis a ~adh í, she found a poor match in him.
D’fhág sé ~a sna lámha agam le slat, he welted me on the hands with a rod.
Fág le binn an tí é, leave it against the gable of the house.
D’fhág sé a mhiosúr le culaith éadaigh, he had himself measured for a suit of clothes.
Fágaim le h~ (go), I solemnly declare (that).
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