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fréamh, f. (gs. -éimhe, pl. ~acha). Root. 1. ~(acha)a chur, to strike root. Dul i bh~, to take root. Rud a bhaint ó fhréamh, to root out, to uproot, sth. Tharraing sé as a bhfréamhacha iad, he pulled them up by the roots. Bot:~acha tairne, restharrow. ~ earraigh, purple moor-grass. 2. Source, origin. ~ teaghlaigh, stem of family. ~ ghaoil a bheith agat le duine, to be related to a person on some side, in a distant way. Tá ~ den Éireannach ann, he has Irish blood in him. Uasal ó fhréamh, of gentle origin; gentle by nature. ~acha an eolais, the roots of knowledge. 3. Lit: Root-stock, race. ~ chogaíoch, warlike race. 4. Ling:Ch: Radical.
Fréamhacha a bhaint, to take out roots.
Fréamh chearnach, square root.
Fréamh chiúbach, cube root.
Fréamhacha a chur, to strike roots.
Nuair a fuair na fréamhacha trí dheoch den Aibreán, when three April showers had infused the roots.
Tá fréamh, lúb, ghaoil acu le chéile, they are (distantly) related.
Fréamh ~, drop-root.
Tarraing ó fhréamh iad, pull them up by the root.
Fréamh ~e, orris-root.
Ag ~adh ó fhréamh, shooting up from the root, stooling.
~ fréamhacha, buachalán, cíbligh, toughness of roots, of ragweed, of sedgy land.
~ ó fhréamh iad, pull them up by the root.
~ ó fhréamh iad, pull them up by the roots.
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