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fuíoll1, m. (gs. & npl. -íll, gpl. ~).Remainder, remains. 1. Residue. ~ bia, remains of food. ~ arbhair, refuse grain. ~ cadáis, cotton waste. ~ criathair, siftings. Earraí fuíll, oddments. D’fhág siad bia d’fhuíoll, they left food uneaten. Prov:Ná samhail fleá le ~, leavings don’t make a feast. S.a. coirt11(c).2. Surplus. Tá ~ dí againn, we have lashings of drink, more than we can drink. Bhí saol na bh~ acu, they lived in abundance. ~ na bh~, superabundance of everything. 3. Jur:~ dílsithe, teagmhasach, vested, contingent, remainder. D’fhág sé an ~ ag a mhac, he left the remainder to his son. 4. Consequences, after-effects. ~ galair, tinnis, after-effects of disease, of sickness. ~ amhrais, continuing suspicion. 5. Defect, omission. ~ faoistine, things omitted in confession. ~ baiste, defect in baptism. F:Tá ~ baiste air, (chiefly of impish child) he suffers from a double dose of original sin. Níor fágadh ~ molta air, nothing was left unsaid in his praise; he was lauded to the skies. An Claíomh Solais nár fhág riamh ~ buille, the Sword of Light whose stroke never failed. 6. (Of survivors) ~ áir, survivor(s) of battle. ~ na Féinne, the last of the Fianna. 7. (Of object, victim) ~ mallacht, one who has been accursed. ~ faltanais, victim of enmity. Prov:Is fearr ~ fonóide ná ~ formaid, it is better to be a butt of ridicule than an object of envy.
fuíoll2 = fuigheall1.
~ fuíll, job lot.
Fuíoll ~e, spent tan.
Fuíoll criathair, siftings.
~ fuíll, waste-pipe.
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