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fuacht, m. (gs. ~a). Cold. 1. ~ an gheimhridh, the winter cold. Le linn an fhuachta, during the cold spell. Dul i bh~, chun ~a, (of weather) to become cold. Bhí an ~ feanntach, the cold was intense. Caillte leis an bh~, perished with the cold. Teas is ~, (alternate exposure to) heat and cold. ~ sneachta, cold presaging snow. 2. Chill. An ~ a bhaint as rud, to take the chill off sth. ~ a bheith ort, to feel the cold. ~ a fháil, a thabhairt duit féin, to catch, let oneself catch, a chill. Creathanna ~a, cold shivers. Níl ann ach ~, it is only a chill. As ~ a fuair sé é, (of illness) he caught it from a chill. Chuaigh an ~ go smior ionam, I was chilled to the marrow. 3. Apathy. Gan ~ gan faitíos, without disinclination or fear, without hesitation. 4. Fig:Imeacht le ~ agus le fán, to wander off alone in the world. Beireann an ~ ar an teas aige, he blows hot and cold; he is shiftless, lets things slide. Lit:~ fear aineoil, the cold disposition of ignorant men. Prov:Comhfhad a théann teas agus ~, soon hot soon cold; moods change.
Fuacht agus ~ a fhulaingt, to endure cold and hardship (of weather).
Tá mé ~ leis an ocras, leis an bhfuacht, I am perished with hunger, cold.
Ní chásóinn an obair ach an fuacht, I wouldn’t mind the work were it not for the cold.
Tá an fuacht ag dul sna ~a aige, he feels the cold in his bones.
~ fuachta, cold shivers.
Chuir an fuacht ~(í) air, the cold gave him a cramp.
~tha le haois, le fuacht, shrunk with age, with cold.
Ar ~ le heagla, le fuacht, trembling with fear, with cold.
Creathanna fuachta, creatha as fuacht, cold shivers.
Bhí sé ag cur creathanna fuachta de, there were cold shivers passing through him.
Bhí ~ air le fuacht, os cionn na tine, he was hunched with cold, over the fire.
Tá fuacht as ~ ann, it is extremely cold.
Tá dath na n~ air (le fuacht), he is blue in the face (from the cold).
Níl fuacht den ~ ann, there is no cold whatsoever.
Tá an ~ air le fuacht, it is dreadfully cold.
Chuir sé ~í fuachta liom, it sent cold shivers down my back.
Tá an teas, an fuacht, ag éirí ann, it is getting to be hot, cold.
Níor fhág an fuacht mo chnámha fós, I can still feel the chill in my bones.
Fuacht failce ort! [’May a cold shower catch you!’ Bad cess to you (for not taking proper precautions against the weather)!
Fuacht ~, bitter cold.
Fuacht agus ~, cold and wet.
~ le fuacht a bheith agat, to be able to bear cold.
1. ~ fuachta, ocrais, the sting of cold, of hunger.
Bhí an oíche aréir ~ (le fuacht), last night was exceptional (as regards cold).
~ an fuacht iad, they were perished with cold.
3. ~ a fháil ó fhuacht, ó ocras, to be perished with cold, with hunger.
Níl ~ aige ar theas ná ar fhuacht, he is insensible to heat or cold.
~ ar fhuacht, ar obair chrua, inability to endure cold, hard work.
Gaoth, fuacht, ~e, piercing, bitter, wind, cold.
~adh le fuacht sinn, we were perished with cold.
Rití fuachta, shivering spells.
Teas agus fuacht faoi ~, alternating heat and cold.
B’éigean dúinn an fuacht a sheasamh, we had to bear the cold.
~tha le fuacht, stiff, perished, with cold.
Tháinig ~ orm le fuacht, I became butter-fingered with cold.
Bhí an fuacht go ~ ionam, I was chilled to the marrow.
Táim ~tha ag an bhfuacht, I am stiff from cold.
Bheith ~tha le fuacht, ó obair, to be stiff with cold, from work.
Chuaigh an fuacht tríom, the cold pierced me to the marrow.
~ d’fhuacht, sensitive to cold.
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