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fuarú could be a grammatical form of: fuaraigh »
fuarú, m. (gs. -raithe). 1. vn. of fuaraigh. 2. Cooling. (a)~ a thabhairt do, a bhaint as, rud, to cool sth. Tabhair ~ gaoithe duit féin, let the breeze cool you. Tháinig ~ allais orm, I broke out in a cold sweat. ~ a dhéanamh, a thabhairt duit féin, to cool oneself. Córas fuaraithe, cooling system. (b)~ ó phian, relief from pain. Tabhair ~ do do chosa, cool, rest, your feet. Gan ~ bonn, without a halt. (c) (Of feelings) ~ a ligean i rud, to let enthusiasm for sth. wane. ~ ceana, cooling off of affection. (d) Coldness of death. Lit:Tiarnaí Gael ag dul ar fuarú, the lords of the Gael dying out.
B’éigean dó fuarú sa chraiceann ar théigh sé ann, he had to cool down of his own accord.
Tá an t-uisce ag fuarú, the water is cooling.
Tá a chuid fola ag fuarú feasta, he is not so hot-blooded any more.
Fuarú i rud, to become indifferent to sth.
Bhí na seanamhráin ag fuarú, the old songs were dying out.
Lig don scéal sin fuarú, let that matter die down.
Ag fuarú na haimsire, passing the time.
Ní raibh sé fuaraithe nuair a bhí siad ag troid faoina chuid, he was hardly dead when they began to squabble over his property.
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