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géag, f. (gs. géige, npl. ~a, gpl. ~). 1. Branch, limb. (a)~a duine, a person’s limbs. ~ láimhe, choise, arm, leg. Do ghéaga a shíneadh (uait), to stretch (out) one’s limbs. S.a. beatha11(a).(b)~ crainn, branch, bough, of tree. ~a a chur uaidh, (of tree) to branch. (c)~ den mhuir, arm of the sea. (d)Mec. E:~ (deirice), (derrick-)jib. (e)(Of starfish) Ray. (f)(Of hair) Tress. 2. Fig:(a) Genealogical branch. ~a ginealaigh, (branches of) family-tree. (b) Offshoot, offspring; scion, (young) person. ~a Chathaoir Mhóir, (the various branches of) the descendants of Cathaoir Mór. ~ den uaisle, scion of the nobility. An ghéag gheal, the beautiful youth, maiden. Is olc an ghéag é, he is a bad lot. (c) Image of girl (made for festival).
Géag a bhriseadh de chrann, to break a bough from a tree.
~ géige, extremity of limb; tip of branch.
An ~ agus na géaga, the body and limbs.
~ cinn, gualainne, géige, the bending of a head, of a shoulder, of a bough.
Géag chuanna, shapely limb.
Géag a ghearradh (de chrann), to cut a branch (from a tree).
Géaga ~a, clean limbs.
~ géag, exercise of limbs.
Géaga ~e, lithe limbs; limber branches.
Do ghéaga a ~adh, to spread one’s limbs, to sprawl. (Of squat person)
~ géag, bareness, thinness, of limbs.
Na géaga a ~, to exercise the limbs.
Ar mhaoileann géag, on top of branches.
~theacha (géag), limbs; arms, legs.
Do ghéaga a ríochan, to stretch one’s limbs.
Géaga ~, loose limbs.
Géag a ~adh, to lop off a branch.
Géag a ~eadh (de chrann), to lop off a branch (from a tree).
Do ghéaga a shíneadh, to stretch one’s limbs.
~ géag, stretching of limbs.
Rud a shracadh de ghéag, as an talamh, to pull sth. off a branch, out of the ground.
Na géaga a shuaitheadh, to exercise the limbs.
Géag ~, pliant branch.
D’~ an ghéag is lúb sí, the branch inclined and bent.
~ coirp, géag, strength of body, of limbs.
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