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géill could be a grammatical form of: giall »
géill1. 1. v.t. & i. (With do) Yield, submit (to). (a) Render obedience to. ~eadh do Dhia, to obey God. Ní ghéilleann sé do Dhia ná do dhuine, he has no regard for God or man. (b) Defer to. Ghéill éigse dó, learned men accepted his authority. Ach amháin go raibh mé ag ~eadh dá mháthair, only that I had consideration for his mother’s feelings. (c) Surrender to. ~eadh don namhaid, to submit to the enemy. Ghéill an t-arm, the army surrendered. (d) Comply with. ~eadh d’ordú, to comply with an order. Ghéill sé do m’achainí, he yielded to my entreaty. Níor ghéill siad don rabhadh, they didn’t accept the warning. (e) Give oneself to. ~eadh do chathú, do pheaca, to yield to temptation, to sin. (f) Give credence to. ~eadh do phiseoga, to yield to superstition. Ní ghéillim do thaibhsí, I don’t believe in ghosts. An ngéillfeá do rud mar sin? Would you credit such a thing? Níor ghéill sé riamh iontu, he never believed in them. (g) Give way to. ~eadh do dhuine sa slí, to yield the road to s.o. Ní ghéillfeadh sé orlach, he wouldn’t budge an inch. (h) Concede. ~eadh d’argóint, to concede an argument. ~im duit sa mhéid sin, I grant you that much. Ghéill sé go raibh an ceart agam, he admitted that I was right. (i) Respond to. Ghéill an bád don stiúir, the boat answered the helm. 2. ~ slí, yield right of way.
géill2, gs. & var. npl. of giall2.
géill3 :giall1.
~ géill, jaw-bone.
Géilleadh gan chomha, to surrender unconditionally.
3. ~ géill, angle of jaw; lower jaw-bone, jaw.
Géilleadh don ~, to submit to jurisdiction.
Géilleadh, umhlú, do dhuine, to submit, bow, to s.o.
Géilleadh do dhubh gach eagla, always to fear the worst.
~ chun géillte, summons to surrender.
Géilleadh don fhoréigean, to yield to force.
~ a thabhairt do dhuine, to submit to s.o.; to accept s.o.’s authority; to give way to s.o.
Fear ba mhór ~, a man who had great authority.
~ gan chomha, unconditional surrender.
~ a thabhairt do rud, to comply with sth.; to concede sth.; to give credence to sth.
Cnámh géill, jaw-bone.
Géilleadh don ~, to yield to force.
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