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iarracht, f. (gs. ~a, pl. ~aí).1. Attempt, effort. ~ a thabhairt ar, faoi, rud a dhéanamh, to attempt to do sth. ~ a dhéanamh, to make an effort. ~ ar dhuine a cheansú, an attempt to pacify s.o. ~ ar dhúnmharú, attempted murder. ~ a bhaint as rud, to have a go at sth. ~ a bhaint as duine, to try s.o. out; to take a rise out of s.o. Ba mhaith an ~ í, it was a good attempt. D’aon ~ amháin, at one attempt. Éirí as an ~, to give up the attempt. Gan ~, without trying. 2. (a) Amount done at one attempt; quantity, portion. ~ oibre a dhéanamh, to do a spot of work. ~ filíochta, piece of poetry. Tabhair isteach ~ uisce, bring in a go of water. ~ a bhaint as an mbuidéal, to take a swig out of the bottle. (b) Little, trace. Bhí ~ de chasacht orm, I had a slight cough. Fuair sí ~ de scanradh, she got a bit of a fright. ~ den ghreann, a touch of humour. Tá ~ den rógaire ann, there is something of the rogue in him. 3. Turn, time. An ~ seo, this time. An chéad ~ eile, the next time. Seo m’~sa, this is my turn. ~ poitín, a run of poteen. D’imigh sé ar an ~ sin, he went away there and then. 4. (As adv.) Tá sé ~ bodhar, he is a bit deaf.
Iarracht fhiúntach, decent, worth-while, effort.
Iarracht ~, poor attempt.
Tá sé sásta lena iarracht, he is pleased with his attempt.
Iarracht mharthanach, sustained effort.
Bhí ~ ar an iarracht, the attempt came to nothing.
Iarracht a shárú, to frustrate an effort.
~ iarrachta, frustration of effort.
~ iarrachta, scale of attempt.
Tá iarracht den ~ ann, he is a bit hot-headed.
De thoradh m’iarrachta, as a result of my effort.
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