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lúb1, f. (gs. lúibe, npl. ~a, gpl. ~). 1. Loop, link; coil, turn; twist, bend. (a)~ a chur ar rópa, to loop a rope. Rud a bhaint as a ~, to uncoil sth. ~ shaileoige, willow loop. ~ chuirtín, curtain-loop. Cleas na lúibe, trick-o’-the-loop. Prov:Is fearr an cú atá sa siúl ná an cú atá sa ~, freedom of action is better than frustration. S.a. snaidhm11(b).(b)~ i slabhra, link in chain. Lig ~ nó dhó leis, let it out a link or two. (c)~ ghruaige, coil of hair; ringlet. Bhí a folt ina ~a aici, she had her hair in ringlets. An ~; báb na ~, the ringleted maid. (d)~ abhann, loop, sweep, meander, of river. ~ i mbóthar, loop, curve, in a road. (e)Bhí a cheann ina ~ aige, he was curled up. Tháinig an eascann as a ~, the eel uncoiled itself. Bhí sé sínte ó ~ (go) ladhar ar an urlár, he was laid flat out on the floor. 2. Fold, recess, nook, circle. I ~ an ghleanna, in a corner of the glen. I ~ choille, in a forest nook, recess. I ~ chruinnithe, chuideachta, in the midst of a gathering, of company. 3. Mesh in net; net, snare. Iasc i ~, a fish netted. I ~a an diabhail, in the toils of the devil. Ní bheinn i ~a d’aon duine, I wouldn’t be beholden to anybody. Faoi ~a, netted, ensnared. 4. Knitting: Stitch. ~ shleamhain, ~ ar deiseal, plain stitch. ~ rigín, ~ ar tuathal, purl. ~ na cruithneachta, double moss-stitch. ~ ar a faobhar, plain, standing stitch of rib. ~ a thógáil, a leagan, to take up, drop, a stitch. Thit ~ orm, I dropped a stitch. ~ ar lár, dropped stitch; Fig: omission, flaw. 5. ~ pota, corcáin, pot-hook. 6. Hasp. ~ ar dhoras, hasp on door. 7. Hoop (in croquet). 8. Curved stick. Lit:Cluiche lúibe (is liathróide), hurling. 9. Craft, deceit. Tá ~ ina chroí, he is deceitful at heart. Sionnach na ~, the cunning fox. Is iomaí cor is ~ ann, he is a very tricky person. Aithním gach cor is ~ dá bhfuil ann, I am up to all his dodges. 10. (In phrases) ~ istigh a bheith agat i nduine, i rud, to be very fond of s.o., of sth., to be wrapped up in s.o., sth. Tá ~ ghaoil agam leis, I am distantly related to him.
lúb2, v.t. & i. (pp. ~tha).1. (a) Loop. Téad a ~adh thart ar rud, to loop a rope round sth. (b) Enmesh, net. Ag ~adh éisc, netting fish. 2. Bend. (a)Slat, bogha, a ~adh, to bend a rod, a bow. ~ do chnámha, bend yourself to your work. (b)Ag ~adh siar agus aniar, bending backwards and forwards. Tá sé ag ~adh faoin ualach, he is bending under the weight of the load. ~ an roth orm, the wheel buckled on me. ~ na hioscaidí faoi, he gave way at the knees. S.a. ioscaid 1.
I lúb an angair, in dire want.
Lúb a bhaint de shlabhra, to shorten a chain by a link.
Tá gach re ~ is lúbadh ann, it is full of twists and turns.
Is iomaí ~ is lúb ann, it is full of twists and turns;
Lúb is ~, hook and eye.
I lúb chuideachta, in the midst of company.
~ lúibe, return of curve.
~ sa lúb é, catch it in the loop.
Tá fréamh, lúb, ghaoil acu le chéile, they are (distantly) related.
Bhí na hioscaidí ag lúbadh fúm, I was giving at the knees.
Ní lúbann sé ~, he never sits, rests.
Lúb ar ~, dropped stitch.
Tá lúb ar ~ san argóint, there is a defect in the argument.
Lúb a ~an, to cast off a stitch.
~ (lúb), casting of (stitches).
~ sailí, the bending of a willow.
Níl ~ mo dhroma ionam, I can’t bend my back.
~ ioscaidí, bending of hams; sagging of knees.
~ lúibe, screw-eye.
~ lúibe, bow-knot.
Chuirfeá ~ ann i lúb chuideachta, he stands out in a gathering.
~ lúb, row of stitches.
~ fiartha, lúbtha, shearing-, bending-, stress.
Bain lúb den ~, shorten the draught-chain by a link.
Lúb a thógáil, to cast on a stitch.
Thóg sí lúb ar lár, she took up a dropped stitch.
D’~ an ghéag is lúb sí, the branch inclined and bent.
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