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Similar words: lábán · lóbán · blúmán · lán · luán
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lúbán, m. (gs. & npl. -áin, gpl. ~).1. Loop. ~ srathrach, back-strap of straddle. ~ eiteáin, ring groove for holding spindle. F:~ (de dhuine), stooped lanky person. 2. (a) Coil, ball. ~ a dhéanamh díot féin, to curl oneself up. (b) Twisted, crumpled, object. Tá sé ina ~ agat, you have bent and twisted it. Rinneadh ~ den roth, the wheel was all buckled. 3. Sp: Hoop. 4. Button-hole. 5. Hasp. 6. ~ dubh, black pudding. 7. (In phrase) Lá an lúbáin, Tibb’s eve.
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