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Similar words: lide · lúibe · blide · clúid · dlúite
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lúide could be a grammatical form of: beag »
lúide, comp. of beag2combined with de3. Less, minus. 1. Ní ~ sin mo chion air, I love him none the less for that. Ba ~ an costas an t-airgead a íoc anois, it would cost less to pay the money now. Is ~ an chontúirt atá air a cheann a ligean leis, he is in less danger for being given his head. 2. ~ an lascaine, less the discount. ~ a deich faoin gcéad, less ten per cent. A naoi ~ a sé, nine minus six.
Dá mbeadh an tsláinte agam ba lúide (de) chás é, it wouldn’t matter so much if I were in good health.
Ní lúide an ~ a roinnt, charity is not diminished by being shared.
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