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Similar words: labhair · laghairt · lathairt · abairt · labháilt
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labhairt could be a grammatical form of: labhair »
labhairt, f. (gs. -artha).1. vn. of labhair. 2. Speaking; speech, utterance; voice, call. ~ teanga, the speaking of a language. ~ na fírinne, the utterance of truth. ~ na n-éan, the singing of the birds. ~ na dtonn, the sound of the waves. Lucht labhartha an Bhéarla, English speakers. Fear labhartha na mac léinn, the spokesman for the students. S.a. deis15(a), fios 1, teanga 2.
Ní raibh ~ agam labhairt, I couldn’t bear to speak.
Tá sé ar ~ agam labhairt leis, I intend to speak to him.
~ ó labhairt leis, except to speak to him.
Níl ach ~ labhairt arís leis, it is pointless to speak to him again.
Thug, chuir, mé in ~ labhairt leis, I felt like speaking to him; I was about to speak to him (but didn’t).
Tá orm labhairt leis, I must speak to him.
Labhairt os ~, to speak out, publicly.
Is ~ an rud dom labhairt leis, at least I should speak to him.
Níl dochar labhairt leo, it is no harm to speak to them.
Níl agat ach labhairt leis, all you need do is speak to him.
Tá sé chun, le, labhairt leat, he intends to speak to you.
Bhí uaim labhairt leis, I wanted to speak to him.
Labhairt le ~, to speak sharply, venomously.
Labhairt go ~, to speak angrily, harshly.
Bhí mé ag brath (ar) labhairt leat, I intended to speak to you.
Duine ~ le labhairt leis, nice person to speak to.
Labhairt go ~, to speak with a lisp.
Níor lig an ~ dó labhairt linn, he was too proud to speak to us.
Labhairt le ~, to speak with authority; to talk sense.
Labhairt go ~ faoi rud, to speak cautiously, tactfully, about sth.
Chaithfeá féin labhairt leis, you would have to speak to him yourself.
Ní ~ duit labhairt, you have no need to speak.
Cé is moite de labhairt leis, except to speak to him.
Má tá ~ agam labhairt, if I have permission to speak.
Má tá sé ~ agam, más ~ dom, labhairt leo, if I may be permitted to speak to them.
Labhairt go ~, to speak boldly, with assurance.
Is é do cheart labhairt leis, you ought to speak to him.
Ba cheart duit labhairt leis, you should speak to him.
Labhairt go ~, to talk sensibly.
Bhí ~ air labhairt, he was reluctant, shy, to speak.
An miste dom labhairt leat? Ní miste ~. May I speak to you? You may at any time.
Labhairt go ~, to speak clumsily, tactlessly.
Siúl, labhairt, go ~, to walk, speak, softly.
Ba chóir duit labhairt leis, you ought to speak to him.
Labhairt go ~ le duine, to speak sharply, irritably, to s.o.
Labhairt le ~, to address a meeting.
Labhairt go ~ le duine, to speak sharply, impudently, to s.o.
Labhairt go ~, to speak boldly.
Bhí sé de dhánacht ann labhairt liom, he made so bold as to speak to me; he had the effrontery to speak to me.
~ liom féin, is fearr dom labhairt leis, I thought to myself I had better speak to him.
Ba dheacair liom dul thart gan labhairt leo, I didn’t want to pass by without speaking to them.
Ní dhearna mé ach labhairt leis, all I did was to speak to him.
Is é faoi ~ dom labhairt leat (go), what causes, caused, me to speak to you is, was, (that).
Ba dheas liom labhairt leo, I’d like to speak to them.
Tá ~ a labhartha aige, he speaks well, has a happy knack of saying the right thing.
Dheonaigh sé labhairt liom, he condescended to speak to me.
Labhairt go ~, to speak in a decisive manner.
Go ~, ba cheart duit labhairt leo, indeed, you should speak to them.
Ba cheart duit labhairt leis, you ought to speak to him.
Labhairt go ~ le duine, faoi dhuine, to speak scornfully to s.o., of s.o.
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