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Similar words: maide · móid · móile · Móire · méid
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móide could be a grammatical form of: móid » · mór » · óid »
móide1, comp. of mór3combined with de2. More, plus. 1. Is ~ mo mheas air, I respect him all the more for it. Ba mhóide a áthas an scéala a fháil in am, he was all the more delighted that he got the news in time. ~ an trua, more’s the pity. Gura ~ a ghlóir, may he have the greater glory (for it). 2. Ní ~ go, probably not, hardly. Ní ~ gur imigh siad go fóill, they are probably not gone yet. Ní ~ go bhfeicfimid arís é, we will hardly see him again. Ní ~ dó teacht inniu, he will hardly come today. Ní ~ ar bith é, it is hardly likely. Ní ~ rud de, it is as likely as not. 3. ~ a deich faoin gcéad, plus ten per cent. A trí ~ a ceathair, three plus four.
móide2, gs. & var. pl. of móid1.
~ móide, solemn word, promise.
~ móide, violation of vow.
Is móide bhur neart bhur ~, your strength lies in your numbers.
Briathar ~e, pledged word.
Is móide ár d~ as a thrócaire, our confidence in his mercy is all the greater.
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