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múr could be a grammatical form of: úr »
múr1, m. (gs. múir, pl. ~tha). 1. Wall, rampart. ~ cathrach, city wall. ~ maidhme, breach. Shílfeá gurbh é ~ na maidhme aige é, he was in a state of consternation. ~ thar grian, razed wall. Tá sé ina mhúr thar grian, it is damaged beyond repair. Níl sé faoi mhúr an tí, it is nowhere within the house. 2. Lit: Pile, building, dwelling. I maigh nó i ~, afield or at home, within or without. 3. Bank, mound; heap, mass. ~ tine, wall of fire, conflagration. ~ ceo, bank of fog. ~ deataigh, cloud of smoke. ~ báistí, rain-cloud; heavy fall of rain. Tá an ~ thiar, the rain-clouds are gathering in the west. 4. Shower. Tá ~ air, there is a shower coming. 5. (pl.) Profusion, abundance. Tá na ~tha airgid aige, he has heaps of money. Cuireadh na ~tha fáilte romhainn, we were given an effusive welcome.
múr2, m. (gs. múir). 1. Fine, powdered, clay. Tá an ithir ina ~ tar éis an tseaca, the soil is finely powdered after the frost. 2. Brittle, soluble, seaweed. ~ a chur ar an talamh, to manure the land with soluble seaweed. 3. Pulverized matter. Rinneadh ~ den bhád, the boat was smashed to bits.
múr3, v.t. (vn. ~adh m, gs. & pp. ~tha). Wall in, immure.
múr4, v.t. (vn. ~adh m, gs. & pp. ~tha).1. Raze, demolish. 2. Pulverize.
Fear a mhionaigh múrtha, a man who shattered walls.
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